11 things you should never do in the NYSC orientation camp

In this article, we are going to discuss in details 11 things you should never do in the NYSC orientation camp. In the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp, there are rules, and these rules are to be strictly followed.

Apart from the NYSC bye laws, there are certain things that Prospective Corps Members (PCM) are not allowed to do while in the NYSC orientation camp, some of these are so common that PCM are likely to fall into it, but with this article you will be properly informed.

When PCM do any of those things while in camp, they will be punished so severely, and in most cases decamped/expelled. But when soldiers do the same thing, they get away with it; when NYSC officials do the same thing, they also get away with it.

Maybe, it’s because, Soldiers and other Officials consistently do some of those things that prompt some PCM to do it as well thinking that it’s normal things. Well, it may be normal outside the NYSC camp, but within the NYSC camp PCM are restricted to some extent.

Please, try as much as you can to AVOID doing the things we are about to list below in the NYSC orientation camp. You can do it in other places, but in the NYSC camp, it will surely put you into trouble.

11 things you should never do in the NYSC orientation camp

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You really need to study about NYSC, so as to get much acquainted about the journey you about to embark.

One way to study about NYSC is to visit the *NYSC library* while reading other things in the library, try to also read write up from previous Corps Members. Doing that would give you the vivid picture of the journey ahead.

Finally, below, are the list of things you should never do in the NYSC orientation camp:

1. Sex: I have to list this one first, because of the way many PCM take condoms to the NYSC orientation camp. Some of them have been misinformed by unscrupulous folks who want nothing but to ruin another person’s camp experience.

Soldiers and NYSC officials can do that, but it is a great offence if Corps Members are found doing it. NYSC orientation lasts only for 21 days (3 weeks), so I wonder why some people cannot hold themselves. Mostly, those caught in this ugly act are married female PCM verses unmarried male PCM.

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Once, you are caught in that act, Soldiers will ‘unkit’ you, parade you before other PCM, and would eventually decamp you. So, DO NOT do it, wait until after camp if you must do it!

2. Rudeness to Soldiers and other camp Officials: In the NYSC camp, soldiers are not permitted to beat any Corps Member, no matter what your offence may be. They can only give you punishment like; Sitting on floor, squatting, kneeling down, stand under the sun etc. But they are not permitted to beat you. Soldiers instructors are also not allowed to carry gun in the NYSC camp, you can only see them with big rod to intimidate Corps Members as instructors but can never use that rod on you. To sum it up, Soldiers are toothless bull-dogs in the presence of all Corps Members.

So do not because of that abuse or insult any of them. If you try that, they will decamp you by collecting your “tag number”. Yes, there is a number that would be given to. You are mandated to always wear that number around your neck, like ID Card. Once you disobey a soldier, he might collect that tag number from you, cry and beg him because that number is like your ‘life’.

Without that number you have already been decamped. And it is a great offence to move around within the NYSC camp without the tag number around your neck .

Tips: Learn to add ‘Sir’ to all your conversation with a Soldier and NYSC officials, though some soldiers may be far younger than you but always answer “Sir” to them. If they ever collect your “tag number” for little offence, cry and beg them. Do whatever they ask you to do if that would made them to return your “tag number” to you.

3. Lamination of Documents: Please, I want to beg you not to laminate your documents.

You are an adult and can keep your documents safe without having to laminate them.

Do not laminate your Call-up letter, Green card or Medical certificate. There may be no implications in the NYSC camp if you laminate your statement of results or certificate.

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4. Dodging parade: The worst thing that can happen to you in the NYSC orientation camp is when you are caught trying to dodge from participating in the drills. That act is enough to show you the camp exit gate.

5. Fighting: Oh! Even from your Institution of graduation, you know quite very well the implications of fighting with another students! In some schools, fighting carries expulsion as punishment, and in some other schools, it carries up 3 years suspension. In  the NYSC camp fighting carries decamp. So, on no account should you fight with your fellow ‘Otondo’, report any body that troubles you to Soldiers or NYSC officials, and person will be dealt with, but if you choose to take law into your hands by fighting, then be ready to be decamped.

6. Stealing: Stealing is known to be rampant in the NYSC camp. There are also camp thieves, those who drive joys by stealing any person’s properties. If the caught in the act of stealing, by considering the damages other camp thieves done before, you would be punished accordingly.

7. Sexual Harassment: This is a very serious mistake that certainly would show you the camp exit gate. Sexual harassment of opposite or the same sex is a crime. Do not harass any girl or boy. It was once reported in the Lagos NYSC camp that a girl grabbed a guy’s banana during “hold something”, and led to serious fight that went viral in on the social media. The lady was later decamped.

Please, if a soldier shout “hold something”, you can hold other part of the body but don’t hold the ‘banana’ in between guys legs or the two oranges on ladies chest. If you do, it will be accounted for you as sexual harassment.

Let me use this opportunity to give some guys tips on to get camp babes.

Start by telling her, “Hello girl, I think you are special, would you mind to be my friend”, then ask for her phone number. From her responses, you would know what next to say. Hang around with her, buy things for her from mami market, and always check on her. Great tips I guess, but please don’t think about $ex because you would be decamped if caught.

Don’t let five minutes pleasure ruin your many years in higher institution.

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8. Rape: Oh my God! This is very serious offence, not only that you will be decamped but also be immediately transferred to the prison where you would cool you ass. I don’t want to say more on this one because even you know the implication.

9. Drinking Alcohol or smoking: As a big boy or big girl, you would like to take a green bottle or weed because soldiers are doing it.

Although, alcohol, cigarettes, weed etc are  being sold in Mami market (market inside camp) but are meant for soldiers and NYSC officials, not for ‘Otondo’ like you . If you are caught drinking or smoking, you name will be ‘sorry’. Don’t say I do not warn you.

10. Jumping the Fence: some NYSC camps have dwarf walls, but that is not the reason you should jump it. You might get bored in camp activities, and think jumping the camp walls would be cool. But let me tell you, it is the dumbest thing to do. If soldiers, they would disgrace publicly or shoot you thinking you are criminal or even ask you to jump and go but never to return. I wonder why someone would want to jump fence just to peep into street, while you have only 3 weeks to stay in camp, and would be given a whole 11 months to sleep go round the street.

11. Do not bath, urinate or excrete around, always use the provided bathrooms and toilets in the camp. The bathrooms may be so dirty, and some bad guys stooling on its floor. But you should always try to manage it that way.

In some camp, female bath outside in open field, likewise guys. This is camp offence. Make sure soldiers don’t cash you.

12. Fake Documents users: There are many unscrupulous persons that would like to find their ways into the NYSC scheme. They usually bring fake documents to camp. Many have been caught, and some of them are now in prison cooling their ass hole.

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