Why you see ‘No Record Found’ on NYSC Portal for Senate list

Hello, Gentlemen Prospective Corps members (PCMs). Today, we shall look at why you see ‘No Record Found’ on NYSC portal for Senate list.

You know it’s not funny to be greeted with the message “No Record Found” when you check if your name is on the NYSC Senate list portal.

Do you wish to know why you keep seeing “No record found” on the Senate list portal? If yes, you are on the right page, keep reading.

So, one of the main reasons you keep seeing ‘No record found” is because you check on the wrong portal. Kindly cIick here to check your name on the right Senate list portal.

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Why you see ‘No Record Found’ on NYSC Portal for Senate list

If you check your name on the right senate list portal and you keep seeing ‘No record found’, one of the following is the problem.

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1. Your School is yet to upload the Senate List

If your institution has not uploaded the senate list on the NYSC online portal, there is no way you will see your name. You will keep seeing “No Record Found, contact your school for verification of the approved list”.

2. Your school has not submitted hard copy of the list

After the uploading of senate list by your school, they need to submit the hardcopy of the list to the NYSC Abuja headquarters. Unless NYSC receive the hard copy from you school you not see your name on the Senate list.

3. Your name is omitted by mistake

It’s very common for someone’s name to be committed due human error. Play this never happen to you because you cannot see omitted names on the Senate list.

4. You do not fulfill the the mobilization requirement

If you do not sign up for NYSC at the Students’ Affairs Directorate in your school, there is a tendency your school will not mobilize you for NYSC. Also, if you have any ‘outstanding’ with your institution, you are likely not to be mobilized.

Follow the link below to see how to solve the issue of No record found on the NYSC portal.

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Do you have any question? Go to the comment section below.

Updated: February 15, 2020 — 8:45 am

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  1. Good afternoon, have completed all the necessary registration in my school and my name is even on the graduation list, I even checked the jamb portal and it’s all cleared but it’s still showing no record found

  2. A wrong matriculation number (U2015/18350177) was inputted in my dashboard. The wrong number shows my full and correct details while my correct mat/no (U2015/1835077) shows no record found.

    My school (Uniport) has sent correction list to NYSC Abuja but they’re yet to effect the change.

    Is Nysc still working on correction list?

    I really need help to resolve this.

    Thank you.

  3. Uhawha Joshua Oghenekevwe

    My name isn’t appearing on the graduation list but my name is in the hard copy of my school senate list

  4. Good afternoon to you all! Thanks for the good work you have been doing. God bless you!
    My question is this: is it possible to know the schools that have uploaded their Senate list for Batch A Stream 2? If yes, please help!

    Thanks very much!

    1. Uhawha Joshua Oghenekevwe

      My name isn’t appearing on the NYSC graduation list but it is in the hard copy of my school senate list, what should I do?

  5. My name appeared on graduation list, but is showing me no record found foe registration process

  6. Sabiu Temitope nofisat

    Pls the page is still showing no record found what should I do

      1. Pls,our names not upload

  7. must I have my certificate to swrve

  8. pls I’m still seeing no record found.What will I do?

  9. Please notify me when Esut upload their names

  10. Pls …exemption letter appears on my nysc portal after registration …how do I go 4 service ignoring Di’s ?

    1. No way, pick up your exemption

  11. Can swapping of surname with first name in jamb be the reason why record is not found on Senate list i.e my first name is in place of my surname and my surname is in place of first name in jamb…that was a mistake made during the time I wrote jamb

    1. Proceed to online registration, if NYSC stop you, contact your institution but if it goes through then rejoice.

  12. Have any school uploaded their senate list?

    1. Yes, most institutions have uploaded but they have not submitted hard copy to NYSC, reason you have not Started seeing your name

  13. Thanks, your updates has really been helpful

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