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A lot of Prospective Corps Members (PCM) usually find it it difficult to verify/Check their names on the Academic Board Approved List or Senate List uploaded by their Institutions on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) online Portal. Most often, they see an error message which read as, “No Record Found…“.

If you are one of those PCM that see such message each time you tried to verify/check your name on the NYSC portal, then ‘congratulations’ to you because you have finally landed on the right page. Just continue reading!

When you see the error message, there is no need to panic or to be worried. Right now, you can get yourself a cup of chilled drink as we roll down the lane.

>>Check your name on the NYSC Senate List

Just before I show you why your name is not on the NYSC senate list, let me first show you how the whole process work:

Pre-mobilization (gathering of the Senate List)

The first stage of the National Youth Service Corps is pre-mobilization of eligible candidates by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs). At this stage, Institutions collect the details of their candidates by asking them to fill mobilization form, while some other Institutions automatically enlist their qualified candidates for the National Service without filling any form. Please, find out if your school require you to fill any NYSC mobilization form.

Pasting of the Senate List:

The second stage is to paste the name of all the mobilized Prospective Corps Members for cross-checking. Though, some Corps Producing Institutions usually do not release the list publicly. But most Institutions paste the list on the notice board at the Directorate of Student Affairs for interested people to cross check their names before final submission to the NYSC. It’s necessary for Prospective Corps Members to check their names so that they can apply for corrections if there is any error in their data before the final submission.

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Submission/Uploading of the Senate List

The third stage is the submission of the Senate Approve List  to the NYSC. Your Institution will upload the soft copy of the senate list, and submit it to the NYSC by uploading it to the NYSC portal. NYSC will make the list accessible online for Prospective Corps Members to check, after they received the hard copy of the Senate list from the Institutions.

NB: Your Institution is totally responsible for the uploading of Senate List on the NYSC portal. Therefore, complaint of your name not found on the Senate list should be taken to them.

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Hard Copy To Abuja

After the pasting of the list and necessary corrections made, the Corps Producing Institutions will take the hard copies of the Senate list to the NYSC Headquarter in Abuja for verification. If the the ones uploaded online (soft copy) tally with the ones submitted to the NYSC  Head Office (hard copy), then the process will continue, but if it does not tally, all names cause the variance would be removed (send to error list). NYSC, during verification will also check if the names on the list that was submitted to them are in tandem with the JAMB Matriculation list, the name at variance again will be sent to error list. The idea of all these process is to curb corruption and manipulation in some institutions.

The Corruption

In the past, there was nothing like Senate List, JAMB Matriculation or JAMB Regularization. As at 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and so on, there’s nothing like that. It was in early 2017, that the NYSC management discovered that some Institutions mobilize some people who are not properly graduated to serve in the National Service. Most of the time they would even remove names of qualified graduates and replace them with the names of those who must have paid to them. This became so serious, until NYSC issued a warning that any Institution caught in that unethical act will be banned from participating in NYSC scheme.

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So, on the attempt to curb the corruption, then the idea of the Senate list going through some rigorous verification processes came into play. In the early 2018, JAMB noticed that some that schools also mobilize individuals who did not get admission through JAMB. To stop that, the idea of JAMB Matriculation was introduced.

So, after the numerous cross-checking and necessary measures, the Senate list will then be visible on-line at the NYSC portal for Prospective Corps Members to verify their names. Even if the senate list is pasted on your Institution’s notice board, you’ll still be getting “No Record Found” if you check the senate list on the NYSC portal until your Institution upload the list on the NYSC portal and submit the hard copy of the list to NYSC.

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Now, let us look at the Four(4) vital reasons your name is not on the NYSC Portal

Now, that you the full knowledge of the NYSC mobilization process, let me now tell you the two major reasons you cannot verify your name from the NYSC portal.

1. Your School is yet to release the Senate List: One reason you will not find your name on the NYSC portal is because your school is yet to release the Senate list. If your school is yet to release senate list, there is no way you will see your name. You will keep seeing “No Record Found”. It is also advisable for you make sure that your Institution has uploaded its senate list before you try to verify your name.

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2. Hard copy not submitted: After your Institution has uploaded its senate list, they still need to submit the hard copy of the uploaded list to the NYSC Abuja head quarters, if NYSC does not receive the hard copy from your Institution, you will keep seeing “No Record Found”.

3. Your name is omitted by mistake

4. You do not fulfill the the mobilization requirement

Now, you have seen the major reasons your name may not be found on the NYSC senate List; also you have understood how the NYSC mobilization process works. I urge you not to panic if you keep seeing “No record found”.

Note: there may be other reasons your name could not be found on the NYSC senate list, apart from the major two highlighted above.

So, another thing I would like to show you is how to solve “No Record Found” caused by other reasons apart from the two being discussed above. Kindly follow the link below.

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