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2019 Batch A to receive N67,800 next week

2019 Batch A to receive N67,800 next week.

You might be wondering how possible, but read on.

It’s no more news that the Passing out Parade (POP) of 2019 Batch A has been fixed to hold on Thursday, 5th March 2020, which is barely 8 days from today.

But, there’s a question in the lips of all the passing out 2019 Batch A Corps Members, “When will our April allowance be paid. Have NYSC forgotten our April 2019 allowance?”

Don’t worry, you’re totally covered and Comrade is here to tell you when it’ll be paid.

Recall that in 2018, when 2018 Batch A came out of orientation camp in May 2018, they received their May allowance in the last week of May and they were all very happy.

When 2018 Batch B Stream 1 came out of camp in August 2018, they received their August allowance starting from September 20th 2018, they were so glad, because it solved most of their problems.

When 2018 Batch B Stream 2 came out of camp in September 2018, they received their September allowance in the last week of September and it was really a thing of joy.

When 2018 Batch C Stream 1 came out of camp in November 2018, they received double allowance of November and December in December 2018, amounting to ₦39,600, and they celebrated it.

When 2018 Batch C Stream 2 came out of orientation camp in December 2018, they didn’t receive their December allowance, but rather, they were paid double allowance few days before their POP on Thursday, 31st October 2019.

Just like 2018 Batch Stream 2, when your set which is 2019 Batch A came out of camp in April 2019, you didn’t receive your April allowance till date.

Before starting this post I mentioned that you’ll be paid a total of ₦67,800, now the question is, how will it happen.

Okay, grab your calculator and let’s do some calculations.

April 2019 allowance= ₦33,000
February 2020 allowance= ₦33,000
Bicycle allowance= ₦1,800

Now, calculate 33,000 + 33,000 + 1,800 = 67,800.

That’s how I’d gotten the ₦67,800, which you’ll receive next week.

Congratulations on your forthcoming Passing out Parade and on behalf of team, I wish you success and a very good job after NYSC.

-Written by Comrade Nnadi Goodluck-

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Comrade Nnadi Goodluck started writing since 2007. In 2016, he graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra with a Degree in Educational Management and Policy/Health Education. He did his NYSC in Oyo state.



  1. Francis Ntui


    DG we sincerely appreciate all your efforts, but I tell you sir, that Nigerian youths will ever remember you if this arrears would be paid. Thanks for all that the scheme has achieved through your tenure.

  2. Olujide temitayo esther


    FG should please pay us our arrears on time.

  3. Ephraim Levi


    NYSC and FG have to consider and lay our arears though DG claimed that were not civil servants,but during Good luck Jonathan arear were paid we’re they civil servants? Please govt and other stake holders should look into this issue

  4. Idara


    If the NYSC arrears is paid it will be very helpful, I can use that to start up something for myself, instead of disturbing our parents and still stay unemploye

  5. Joseph Adesina


    Our arrears payment is Paramount.Let FG and the NYSC DG do something about it

  6. Abiodun


    Why will it be next week moderator and not this week?

    • Rahila iliya salama


      We that pass out last year October what will happen to us

      • Arabella


        I tore oooo

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