5 Places You Cannot Work Without NYSC Certificate

In this article we are going to show you 5 places you cannot work in Nigeria without the NYSC certificate.

Before that, we would like to remind you that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is a compulsory one-year service to every Nigerian graduate under the age of 30, and obtained a university Degree or HND from higher Institutions within or outside the shores of Nigeria.

How to obtain the NYSC Certificate?

After graduation, qualified candidates would be required to register for NYSC program which after, they will be posted to the various NYSC orientation camps usually far from their home state for a 21-day orientation, training and exercise. After spending 21 days in the orientation camp, they will be posted to Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where they will be carrying out the National assignment 11 months and one week, making it a complete one year. After completing the National Assignment, the NYSC Certificate will be awarded to the ‘deserving’ Corps Members. Notice the word ‘deserving’ because only Corps Members who did well would be given the Certificate.

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While some see the scheme as an opportunity to render undiluted service to their fatherland, others see it as a SCAM orchestrated by the Federal govt to exploit and milk the youths. But that is not true! NYSC is a symbol of unity in Nigeria, the importance of the scheme in our country today cannot be over emphasized.

However, many Nigerians youths go through the program because there numerous places they won’t be allowed to work without producing their NYSC certificate. So, we shall be looking into some of the places that you cannot be employed without presenting the NYSC certificate to the employers.

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5 Places You Cannot Work Without NYSC Certificate.

(1. Banks: In Nigeria, Banks and other financial institutions are usually strict when it comes to recruitment. They require NYSC certificate, and cannot employ you if you do not produce it, though some Banks might take you without the NYSC certificate as a temporal/contract worker but when it comes to permanent staff, you must produce the NYSC certificate.

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(2. Insurance Companies: Insurance companies, just like other financial institutions, also insist on the NYSC certificate before employment, especially those top ones, however they can waive their strict policy depending on your connection with the employers.

(3. Multi-national companies: Most, if not all the multinational companies insist on a the NYSC certificate when recruiting new staff. Below are example of multinational companies in Nigeria.

  • Chevron (Oil & Gas)
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company(SPDC) (Oil & Gas)
  • Nestlé Nigeria
  • Total (Oil & Gas)
  • Halliburton Energy (Oil & Gas)

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(4. Manufacturing Companies: Most manufacturing companies in Nigeria also insist on NYSC certificate. Below are few examples of manufacturing company

  • Guinness Nigeria
  • Nigerian Bottling Company
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc

(5. Oil companies: Most private and govt oil companies in Nigeria like NNPC also insist on the NYSC certificate.


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There are also many other companies that are not listed here that find it very difficult to employ graduates with the NYSC certificate.

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Updated: April 17, 2019 — 5:34 am

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