NYSC Batch A 2020 Stream 2 Orientation Course To Start In April

NYSC Batch A 2020 Stream 2 Orientation Course to commence in April 2nd.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has tentatively slated Orientation course for 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream 2 to commence on April 2nd.

Before the NYSC management disclosed this on social media, we have already gotten the information from a reliable source in Abuja.

According to the NYSC source, 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream 2 Orientation Course has been scheduled to commence as follows:

  • Commencement of online registration: Friday, 13th March, 2020.
  • Commencement of Orientation Camp: Thursday, 2nd April, 2020.
  • Orientation Camp closing: Wednesday, 22nd April, 2020.

See another evidence that shows Stream 2 has been tentatively slated to commence on April 2nd.

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However, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has advised NYSC to postpone orientation course date for Batch A due to Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The Director of the group, Prof. Ishaq Akintola made the call in a statement issued in Lagos on Wednesday.

He expressed doubts over the wisdom behind the resolve of the NYSC to carry on with the orientation exercise in the face of worldwide outbreaks.

He said; “Authorities of the NYSC on Sunday March 8 told youth corps members not to panic over the Coronavirus outbreak around the world.

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“According to the NYSC, certain preventive measures have been put in place to prevent any outbreak of the virus in its 37 orientation camps scattered nationwide.

“But we express doubts over the wisdom behind the resolve of the NYSC to carry on with the orientation exercise in the face of worldwide outbreaks,” he said.

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“While we agree that the outbreak is not the fault of NYSC officials, we insist that the planning of the orientation camps should take into cognisance the reality on ground.

“To be on the safe side, the exercise should be postponed by one or two months.

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Thanks for reading, nyscinfo.com will keep updating you as regards to 2020 Batch A Stream 2 Orientation course. Stay with us!

Updated: March 12, 2020 — 12:31 pm


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  1. Good after noon sir,please am having date of issue and I want to serve needs ur help sir

    1. How old are you and when did you graduate?

  2. Ojo Rebecca Olayimika

    Sir, I was unable to print callup letter and green card since d time I have registered, when is batch A stream 2 going to camp.

  3. Adebayo Oladimeji

    Hello sir,

    Good morning,

    I tried to process my registration that would lead to printing of my NYSC exclusion letter, but the response I get is saying that I belong to batch A stream 2, and that my school has not forward my document to NYSC. But my name is on the senate list.

    Pls, what can I do to that regards.

  4. Eduvie oghenevwaire

    Hello sir,is PCM batchA stream 2 call up letter out or we should wait till the pandemic is over?

  5. Good morning sir,

    it’s 06/4/2020 today.can Nysc choose for any PCMS where to serve?

  6. I have not recieved my allawee pls..2020 batch A stream1…is there anything am suppose to do tho I open my acct outside the camp…what do I do nw?.

    1. Be patient, it is possible that your bank is the one delaying it.

  7. Hello sir,i registered for Batch A stream 2 successfully but i am yet to receive a call up letter to know where i am posted to. I’ve been checking my dash board but nothing has come up,only the green card. When will i receive the call up letter and how will i know where im posted to? Also when will stream 2 be leaving for camp?

    1. See your head! So, you are not aware that all NYSC Orientation Camps have been converted to Coronavirus isolation centres? No NYSC, no call-up letter until Coronavirus is over.

  8. When is the closing date of Nysc registration batch a stream 2 2020

  9. harry ubonodoro nkanga

    i tried to registered but i been told that there are not available state slot , pls what cold be the neccesary solution in the bacth A streem B? thanks

  10. I can’t find a State to choose in Nysc registration.can I know the problem please?

    1. Be patient, NYSC is working on it

  11. Hello sir, good morning. Please help me out on this issue. I registered on the 26 of February 2020 for batch a stream 1 but my dashboard shows this sorry you are not in this stream and i can’t print my call-up letter and even talk less of deployed, did I need to re-register for batch A stream 2 again or what should I do?

    1. Don’t register again, just wait for stream2

    2. Good morning sir,
      Still no available slots and it’s 06/4/2020 today.can Nysc choose for any PCMS?

      1. Yes, NYSC will select state of service for you


    when will be the real closing date for NYSC Batch A stream II Online Registration?

  13. Hi
    I registered for stream 2 since 19th of march and am yet to have my call up number
    Dont knw what to do

  14. Please when registering, I saw no available slot but others were registering what could be wrong?

    1. Be patient, NYSC will release more slots

  15. Annah Ajiji Ibrahim

    Please when is the closing date for batch A stream2 registration

  16. Martins Luther Anibema

    Should Corps members be posted to their PPA’s in their various states(Batch A, stream 2..?)

  17. What will now happen to those of us in stream 2

    1. Nothing! Once coronavirus is over, you will serve.

  18. Good morning ,please as a foreign student I registered for batch A and I haven’t done my physical verification as I’ve been out of the country , just learnt that it’d be ending today, or has it also been postponed coz I really want to verify and wait for whenever camp reopens

  19. How is nysc going to do about batch A stream 2 now stream 1 was discharge from camp without coplething there orientation.

  20. is batch A stream 2 still going to camp due to corona virus…
    I want to go to camp o

  21. Please I am a foreign student. I registered for NYSC since last two weeks but I still haven’t gotten my call up number

  22. Pls when is batch a stream 2 orientation camp will start

  23. When is stream 2 getting their call up letters?

  24. So stream 2 is not going to camp this April 2 2020 please I want to know

  25. Please I got my call up letter late for stream 1 can I still reevaluate for stream 2 if yes when can I do dat

  26. As FG suspended NYSC Batch A stream 1, will it be possible for Batch A stream 2 to move to camp on 2nd April?

  27. Please I am about to register for nysc batch a stream 2 tomorrow am I late?? And can I go ahead to register I am a foreign student and please when is the registration closing for batch a stream 2 .

  28. Many persons asked in these comment section but you didn’t reply. When will Batch A stream 2 registration round up?

    1. 21st but it might be extended

  29. Pls i registered for NYSC batch A stream 2 on Saturday 14th and I still haven’t received my call-up number. I’m really worried.

    1. Be patient, it will soon be ready

      1. Thank you

  30. I’m a foreign student and I got my call up letter yesterday evening but due to financial issue I won’t be able to go to the camp. Is there anything I can do to go with stream II

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