Effect of Missing NYSC Monthly Clearance (2020)

Effect of missing NYSC monthly Clearance

Any corps member who miss NYSC monthly clearance is liable to a serious punishment. In this post, you will learn the effect of missing NYSC monthly clearance.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) takes corps members monthly clearance very serious, and always punish Corpers who did not take part in the exercise. Now, the question is ‘what are the penalties for missing clearance?’

Before I show you the penalties, effect or punishment for missing NYSC clearance, let’s look at the meaning of NYSC clearance.

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What is NYSC Clearance?

NYSC clearance is an official monthly exercise to clear doubts that a Corps member did his work at place of primary assignment, and therefore qualify to receive monthly allowance and other entitlements.

However, the main purpose of NYSC clearance is to minimize the number of Ghost Corps members and encourage discipline. For example, Corps member might be doing his regular business in Lagos whereas he was posted to Sokoto.

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NYSC monthly clearance is usually done in the first week of every month at the of office of Local Government Inspector (LGI).

The process begins by getting a clearance letter from the head of your PPA, and the letter is submitted to your NYSC LGI. If the NYSC LGI is satisfied, he/she will grant you access to biometric thumbprint.

After thumb printing, your data will be sent to the NYSC ICT department at Abuja headquarters for recording.

The ICT department will mark “Present” or “Absence” for you as the case maybe.

‘Present’ you have been cleared for that month, while ‘Absent’ shows you have not.

You can check your NYSC monthly clearance status online at NYSC portal.

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Effect of missing NYSC monthly clearance

Below are the ugly effects of missing NYSC monthly;

  1. You will not be paid your monthly allowance;

  2. Extension of your service year without pay.

WARNING: Do not miss NYSC monthly clearance for whatever reason. If there something that will cause you to miss the clearance, make sure that you get approval from NYSC. It can be by writing a request letter to your state coordinator through your LGI.

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What to do if you miss NYSC clearance

If you miss your clearance, run to your LGI and explain the reason, maybe there is a way he can help. Or run to the NYSC state secretariat to beg for mercy. Although this may not always be helpful.

Updated: January 2, 2020 — 6:17 pm

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  1. Okakoyo Gloria Obakpororo

    Good morning, pls I applied for reposting with a request letter two days ago, I’ve been checking my dashboard, nothing has been placed there. What do I do?

  2. plz house i need help on a serious issue, Pls if someone went for clearance and his thumbprint did not reflect, what next line of action. plz i need your sincere answers if possible those with such experience either in the past or now…
    Thank yo

  3. Am in serious trouble right now bro am having my clearance tomorrow 2/02/2021 am still on my way to my ppa am not sure I will get there tomorrow because traveling is something done by God I pray for journey mercies I need any ideas that can calm me down if not I feel hell on me God pls 2020 batch b2

  4. I have been scheduled for my monthly clearance on Tuesday can I go on Wednesday or will it be too late

  5. I’m having serious issue at my pp and I have a month before my final clearance. What do I do

  6. Good afternoon.I absconded from my ppa as I didn’t bother to resume…how do I remit al the allowance paid to me by nysc ..as I am not interested in serving anymore.

  7. Good morning,pls my thumb print could not b captured for December and January clearance,my LGI had written a letter and sent it to Abuja.is there possibility that my December and January allowance will b paid

    1. Has your allowance been paid, because I’m having same issue, please I need advice

  8. Please am an ex coper, I just passed out few days ago. But I haven’t received my Allowance till. Please what can I do to see that my final NYSC Allowance is paid.
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Am among those that left camp cause if covid19 i received Allawee for the month of March and my relocation was approved on March 22 and did not receive April,May,June but received July
    Please what might be the cause

  10. Abdussalam Ismail Yahaya

    I’m a corp member Batch B2 serving in Calabar. I’ve an issue wit my monthly clearance. When we left camp, i was posted to a village in Calabar and i refused to go there. Whle waiting for redeployment to Calabar Municipality, i Missed October Clearance, will it affect Mie plss???

  11. Onibon Elizabeth

    Good evening sir,I actually saw absent in my monthly clearance for the month of May and don’t know what to do.Batch A stream1 2020

    1. Please how did you go about the issue, cos I’m having same challenge now

  12. Pls I did relocation to Ogun it was approved and I print my relocation letter later I heard that something have changed in the relocation letter due to this covid-19 then I logged in to my nysc acc to print the relocation letter again what I saw was…however to print your relocation letter you are to get clearance from your state cordinator…pls help me on this

  13. Good day sir, I have been missing clearance for the past 3months now and NYSC has queried me for absconding for 4months now should I just wait for remobilization or serve d extension though nysc is yet to decide on my matter ooo

    1. Wait until NYSC decide what to do you

  14. pls,I got an urgent mail/call that will take out of the country. So can I put my Service on hold?

    1. You can only abscond. When you abscond from service, you will have to register for ‘remobilization’ and start your service year afresh. However, you will payback all the NYSC allowance you collected so far.

  15. I did my clearance yesterday around 1pm and uptill today my dashboard is showing absent,how long it will stay befor changing to present and today is the closing day,pls help me i’m worried,thank you

    1. Be patient, it will reflect. It takes weeks

  16. Pls long absent status will stay before changing to present after you have done your monthly clearance?

    1. Yes, after sometimes it will reflect

  17. hi, please I missed January clearance due to late ppa, will I get paid?

  18. If one missed January clearance, is there still hope for me to get paid for that month.

  19. Am a corp member serving in Anambra State, I’ve gone for my clearance but the fingerprint scanner is unable to capture my thumb for 2days now. Is there any other alternative?

    1. Yes, go to the NYSC secretariat

    2. Olorunfemi Abiodun

      Pls when is stream 2 batch A going to camp?..or are we not going to service this year again?

  20. Am yet to collect acceptance letter from my place of ppa can I go to my local government for clearance and documentations

  21. Hello,I relocated from Niger to OYO..but I haven’t seen it on my
    Portal…Although I’ve already been given a PPA in Niger but I don’t know wanna stay there ..,The woman that helped me to do the relocation told me to relax that I’ll still see it…Today is 8 and clearance close on the 10.,Please any advice for me cox I’m confused..


    1. After your documentation, go for your clearance. It doesn’t matter it is reading “absent”

  23. Olukunle Damilola Clinton

    I’m a corp member of batch C stream 1, I relocated to OYO. After relocating to OYO, I was told to return 2nd of January,2020 for documentation. My state code changed on 16th of December,2019 and I got a text message to come for documentation by 13th of January,2020. Whereas I won’t be able to do monthly clearance. What’s the way out please?

    1. Go for documentation, you still have time for that

  24. I am a Corp member who has traveled for my father’s burial and whilst still there, I was posted yesterday 2nd to a local government and the date for clearance might pass me by before going back for clearance. am scared I might miss my first clearance and I actually want to change my place of PPA

  25. Please if one applies for redeployment or relocation and it is granted, can one abandon it and continue with the original place he or she was posted?

  26. For those relocated without monthly clearance are we receiving allowee for this December cause we were told by Nysc state secretariat to resume on 2nd of Jan RSVP

  27. Can copper member be transferred from one local government to another within the state?

    1. Yes, it’s possible if the NYSC LGI in the two local govt agreed on that or if Zonal Inspect or State Coordinator approve it.

  28. Pls according to NYSC law how many times do you need to miss monthly clearance,for you to be penalized. ..I don’t want extensions but I’ve already missed twice

  29. Good day
    Please I had an accident on my way going for clearance so I could not make it,but I told my lgi about it she said not problem that it would affect mi because she was aware of the incident even my principal too I don’t know what to do now please advise mi cos am passing out next month thanks God bless.

    1. Since you have informed your LGI, there is no problem

    2. Umeh Chinenye Vivian

      Good morning dear…please did you have any issue with your nysc payment after informing your lgi because I am having the same problem.

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