Effect of Missing NYSC Monthly Clearance (2019)

Effect of missing NYSC monthly Clearance

Any corps member who skips the NYSC monthly clearance is liable to a serious punishment. In this post, we shall look at the effect of missing NYSC monthly clearance.

This will also serve as a warning to those corps members who take NYSC clearance for granted.

Before I show you penalties for missing NYSC clearance, let’s first look at the aim of the clearance.

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The aim of NYSC Clearance

The purpose of NYSC monthly clearance is to give every corps member the opportunity to prove they performed their duties at their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

However, the main aim of NYSC clearance is to minimize the number of Ghost Corpers in the system.

For example; Corps member might be seen doing his regular business in Lagos whereas he was posted to Sokoto.

NYSC monthly clearance is usually done in the first week of every month at the of office of your LGI.

The process begins by getting a clearance letter from your PPA boss and then submit the letter to your NYSC LGI.

If the NYSC LGI is satisfied, he/she will grant you access to biometric thumb-print.

After thumb-printing, your data will be sent to the NYSC ICT department at Abuja headquarters.

The ICT department will mark “Present” or “Absence” for you as the case maybe.

‘Present’ you have been cleared for that month, while ‘Absent’ shows you have not.

You can check your NYSC monthly clearance status online at NYSC portal.

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Effect of missing NYSC monthly clearance

There are two things that will happen if you skip the NYSC Monthly clearance:

  1. You will not be paid your NYSC monthly allowance;

  2. You’re liable to get NYSC service year extension without pay.

WARNING: Do not miss NYSC monthly clearance.

If you must miss the monthly clearance, make sure that you get approval from NYSC office. You can write a letter to your state coordinator through your LGI.

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What to do if you miss NYSC clearance

If you miss your clearance, run to your LGI and explain the reason, maybe there is a way he can help. Or run to the NYSC state secretariat to beg for mercy. Although this may not always be helpful.

Updated: October 11, 2019 — 8:10 am

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  1. Pls according to NYSC law how many times do you need to miss monthly clearance,for you to be penalized. ..I don’t want extensions but I’ve already missed twice

  2. Good day
    Please I had an accident on my way going for clearance so I could not make it,but I told my lgi about it she said not problem that it would affect mi because she was aware of the incident even my principal too I don’t know what to do now please advise mi cos am passing out next month thanks God bless.

    1. Since you have informed your LGI, there is no problem

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