NYSC Senate List 2020 Batch A – Check Your Name Now!

Here we will show you how to verify your name on the NYSC Senate List 2020 Batch ‘A’ for all institutions.

The NYSC mobilization list or Senate list is a list of graduations who have been mobilized to participate in the one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps Programme. Anyone whose name is not on the Senate list will not be eligible to register for NYSC. See documents you need at cyber cafe for NYSC online registration.

So, in this article, you’ll learn how to verify your name on the NYSC Senate List for all institutions in Nigeria.

Every graduate should ensure that their names are on the Senate academic list of their various institution for NYSC mobilization.

Note: the NYSC Senate list is only meant for Nigerian trained graduates. Those who studied outside Nigeria do not need to see their names on the Senate list before registration. See NYSC registration requirements for foreign students.

NYSC itself does not decide whose name will be on the Senate list, rather your institution is totally responsible. So, it is your institution that will prepare and upload the list on the NYSC portal.

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If you really want to go for NYSC, proceed to verify your name on the Senate list.

What to do for your name to be added on the NYSC mobilization list

  1. Complete your final clearance with your institution,
  2. Sign up for NYSC at the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school,
  3. Confirm your name on senate list before your institution send it to NYSC
  4. Make sure your name is on the JAMB matriculation list.

If you follow the four(4) steps above, your name will definitely be added on the NYSC Senate list for the upcoming batch.

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Now, let me show you how to verify your name on the Senate list for NYSC mobilization.

How to check your name on the NYSC Senate list

Follow the step by step procedures to check your name on the NYSC Senate list for all institutions;

  1. Go to NYSC portal,
  2. Scroll down to locate “Check Senate List or its equivalents”, and click on the link,
  3. Select your Institution,
  4. Enter your Matriculation number
  5. Enter your Surname
  6. Select your Date of Birth (Day, month, and year). If date of birth box is not clicking, leave it that way.
  7. Click on “Search” button to view your Senate list status.
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If the page displays “No record found”, click here to sort it out. Please, remember to also verify your name on NYSC graduation list.

Alternative method to Check your name on the NYSC Senate List

  1. CIick on https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc/verifysenatelists.aspx

  2. Select your Institution

  3. Enter your Matriculation Number

  4. Enter your Surname

  5. Select your date of birth

  6. Click on “Search” button

If the page displays your details that means your name is on the Senate List.

But you need to pay attention to the “Status column” by the right hand side to know whether you are eligible to register for NYSC or have problem relating to different of names, JAMB reg No, etc.

NYSC website to check senate list

  • portal.nysc.org.ng

Updated: September 18, 2020 — 12:17 am

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  1. Sir, can’t I make amends to my date of birth..I.e..reduction…I need to serve my father’s land.

    1. Yes, but you can only import the age on your WAEC result to your NYSC profile. But if the age on your WAEC result is also above 30, then there is nothing to do.

  2. sir, I’m above 30yrs but my name is on the matriculation list. Am I eligible to serve?

    1. If you are above 30 years, during online registration, NYSC will exemption. So your name being on Matriculation list and Senate list is not a guarantee to serve.

  3. sir, is it the session one graduated or the very date ur result was ready using 1989 as date of birth and 2017/18

    1. It is the date you graduated. Check the date on your statement of result

  4. Hi sir, please i was suppose to go for service last year, i graduated September last year and my name was on Senate list but i didnt do registration and couldnt go, but now please i want to join batch c for nysc orientation camp, presently the on going registration is for re-mobilization, please sir i want to know when fresh mobilization will start so i can register, please i really need to join this batch, thank you

    1. Registration for 2019 Batch C will start on 14th Oct

  5. Please sir what can I do to start this registration for the remobilization after I have undergone all the remobilization process and I couldn’t find any message from the NYSC corncening my registration. I am batch b stream 2 in 2016,can it be possible for me to follow this batch c remobilization 2019 that started since 13/09/2019-4/10/2019. And how can I get it done sir.

    1. Go to the nysc portal at portal.nysc.org.ng and start remobilization, but before that read Difference Between NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation to be sure which one you need

    2. Please I can’t find Batch C 2019 in “View graduation list” on Nysc portal

      1. Check back later

  6. I didn’t see my name Sir. so how do I solve this issue?

  7. Please sir I didn’t see my name in the matriculation list but I have submitted my admission letter for long

    1. Reprint your JAMB result slip

  8. I can’t find my name on the senatelist

  9. Mohammed sabitu yusuf

    sir my jamb registration number is not uploaded i submitted it last Monday,am i able to register now

  10. Sir,the name appeared on my senate list didn’t tally with the name on my certificate. The names are the same but the arrangement is not the same. Is there problem?

    1. There is no much problem, however, you can apply for correction of name through your dashboard

    2. I did my jamb regularization by April this year and till date my reg.no has nt been approved and my institution have sent my name to be mobilized.please sir what can be done to remedy the situation

      1. Contact JAMB and your Institution

  11. Good day sir,please the date in my jamb is 5/7/1988 while I graduated on 7/9/2019, do I have hope of serving?

    1. Yes, you have hope!

  12. Sir,I did my regularization school have approved and forward it to jamb, I will receive the jamb number within the week. Can I still be able to register with batch B when I forward my detailed to my school

    1. The criteria for registration is your name appearing on the NYSC Senate…if your school uploaf your name, then you can register.

  13. sir, l lost my phone no that I am expected to received message regarding JAMB, any problems?

    1. No problem, go to JAMB office

  14. Sir pls will there be anything like batch B stream 2,cos my name didn’t appear on the batch A that came out.

    1. There will be Stream2

  15. evening sir, is there any problem if my name is not on matriculation list?

    1. Yes, JAMB matriculation list is very important!

  16. Please what are the chances of one going for service when they find their name in the graduation list?

    1. Seeing your name on the graduation list has about 80%.
      But seeing your name on the Senate List has about 96%

  17. Please I can found my name at School Senate list, but my name is not included in the NYSC Senate list what can I do?

    1. Be patient, probably your Institution have not uploaded the senate list

  18. Good morning dear, please is there anything like transcript from people that went to direct entry to another school, and were will I get it?
    secondly were will it be needed? Thanks

    1. Official transcripts of results can be obtained from your school’s administration, same place you obtained your statement of results or certificate.
      NYSC does not need your transcripts.

  19. when will re-validation for 2019 batch B commence?

    1. Re-validation will commence together with 2019 Batch B online registration

  20. is graduation list the same as senate list?

    1. No, graduation list is different from Senate list.

      1. Pls am having issue checking d senate list,, once I reach d box for date of birth ie the year in particular,, it does nt click for me to select ,, hope all is well pls.. Am confused

        1. You can skip that one, and proceed to next step

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