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Are you a prospective Corps Members? Do you want to serve in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program? If ‘yes’, then you need to check if your name is on the NYSC mobilization list. Here we will provide guidline on how to verify/check your name on the NYSC Senate List in 2021 for all institutions. Keep reading as we take you through the process.

National youth service Corps - NYSCWhat is NYSC mobilization list?

The NYSC Mobilization List is another way of saying NYSC Senate List. It is a list of graduates approved by the Senate of Corps producing Institutions (CPIs) to take part in the one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps Program.

Anyone whose name is not found on the Senate list will not be eligible to register for NYSC program.

Prospective Corps members (PCMs) should ensure that their names are on the Senate academic list of their various institution for NYSC mobilization.

Note: the NYSC Mobilization list or Senate list is only meant for Nigerian trained graduates. Those who studied outside Nigeria do not need to check their names on the Senate list. Also check NYSC registration requirements for foreign students.

NYSC does not decide whose name will be on the Senate list, rather your institution is responsible for the senate list, while NYSC displays submitted names on their portal for viewing. So, your institution prepare and send the Senate list to NYSC for upload. You can also check out list of documents needed at cyber cafe for NYSC registration.

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What you must do for your name to be added on the NYSC mobilization list

  • Ensure you complete your final clearance with your institution,
  • Sign up for NYSC at the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school,
  • Confirm your name on senate list before your institution send it to NYSC,
  • Make sure your name is on the JAMB matriculation list.

If you follow the four(4) steps above, your name would be added on the NYSC Senate list for the upcoming NYSC Batch.

How to check your name on NYSC Senate list

Follow the steps below to check your name on the NYSC Senate list for all institutions;

  1. Visit portal.nysc.org.ng
  2. Scroll down to locate “Check Senate List or its equivalents”, and click on the link,
  3. Select your Institution,
  4. Enter your Matriculation number
  5. Enter your Surname
  6. Select your Date of Birth (Day, month, and year). If date of birth box is not clicking, leave it that way.
  7. Click on “Search” button to view your Senate list status.
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If the page displays “No record found”, then click here to sort it out. Please note it is also important to verify your name on NYSC graduation list.

Alternative method to Check your name on NYSC mobilization List

Below is alternative way you can check your name on the National Youth Service Corps senate list.

  1. CIick on https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc/verifysenatelists.aspx

  2. Select your Institution

  3. Enter your Matriculation Number

  4. Enter your Surname

  5. Select your date of birth

  6. Click on “Search” button

If the page displays your details that means your name is on the Senate List. But you need to pay attention to the “Status column” by the right hand side to know whether you are eligible to register for NYSC or have problem relating to different of names, JAMB reg No, etc.

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NYSC website to check senate list

The NYSC site to check senate list is portal.nysc.org.ng. You can also register for NYSC program through this portal.

Have question? Kindly go to the comment section below.


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  1. Please is my name in senate list

  2. good morning pls what are the things needed for married women during registration pls thanks.

  3. Edueye Onoriode Everista

    Please when is senate list likely to come out

  4. Victoria edet effiong

    Pls I can’t check my name on Senate list online. But I have found out that my name was approved on Senate list since on 24/10/2019. In my department. Pls what next now.

  5. Pls can I check my name

    1. When is NYSC registration commencing

  6. How do I check my name

  7. Pls how can I check my dash board

  8. This Kazeem Afeez Ayobami from Ogun-state…I need your WhatsApp number.

  9. Iteh, Deborah Victor

    Please how can I check my name??

  10. Pls assist me I want change my date of birth to be examted from service due to my age 44 yrs mistake during jamb regulation apply foarm 15 June 1992 to my normal birth date 14 December 1976 how I do nysc batcth c stream 2 this year

  11. When is physical verification for foreign students,
    For this batch c stream 2 2019

  12. Pls, Can I enroll for nysc registration without my name on the Senate list and its appearing in the Senate uploaded graduation list….
    I have visited my school and I submitted the credentials they asked me to, now they have uploaded names for batch c stream 2 my name is still not on the Senate list…..
    Viewing the graduation list…. My name there is showing yet to register… Pls what can I do

  13. Nafisa Abdussalam umar

    No record found if I check pls what is d problem?

      1. Pls assist me I want change my date of birth to be examted from service due to my age 44 yrs mistake during jamb regulation apply foarm 15 June 1992 to my normal birth date 14 December 1976 how I do nysc batcth c stream 2 this year

  14. Abinye Cordelia Nathan

    Good afternoon sir, please sir,i graduated 4years ago but did not go for service the year expected based on the fact that my school has not stated serving and when we finally stared, we were called upon but my name was wrongly entered and again year of graduation was wrongly uploaded which affected the age based on this I was exempted is there anything I can do to correct it in order to qualify me for service? Need your help please. Thanks

    1. Complain to your school. They are the one that uploaded wrong year of graduation

      1. Abinye Cordelia Nathan

        I have complained to my school and they have sent letter on that regard but no information from them yet at least to give me hope cos the last I checked my dashboard I saw a massage that my exemption later has been printed and will be sent to my school.So am a kind of confuse like nothing has been done yet.

        1. I also have similar problem pls what’s the solution

  15. I graduated with second class upper but I registered NYSC with second class lower,please what is the solution

  16. Hi pls I saw m name on senate list, but I tried to register and is showing no details found, pls wat can I do

  17. I am yet to see my name on senate list..but some persons who registered after me were able to see theirs..what could be the possible reason for that?
    Thanks in anticipation of your response.

  18. I saw my name on senate list but it saying my reg no doesn’t exist…. And I could not register…. Pls what can I do

  19. My name was written in the school Senate list UNN. But I can’t still see my name on the senate list online.. My mates have registered but am still yet to do mine… Are names still uploading on the Senate list..? Is there any chances that I might go with this batch?

  20. Pls.i saw my name on senate list but I couldn’t find it on graudtion list….. Hope it will not affect my registration

    1. It will not affect you, however, you can complain to NYSC at ict@nysc.gov.ng

  21. Pls their is a mistake in my state of origin can I change it after I registration?

    1. You can change it in camp

  22. my name is on Senate list hope if I didn’t register it won’t affect me bc am waiting for stream 2 to register with.

  23. please sir is there stream 2 by January

  24. Please is it sure that not everyone that registered will be able to print his Call up letter.

  25. Pls Sir, our school result will be place on 12/11/2019 so are we eligible to go for service this year I mean in batch c streem 2?

      1. Alice ometere Adano

        Please sir, how can I check my name on the Senate list

  26. Umoren Blessing Emana

    Good morning sir,pls can you help me check if my school has uploaded our names on senate list,Heritage polytechnic,some of my friends av seen there names,but mine is showing no record found.

  27. not found keeps popping.
    can I still add my name to senate list during registration, hence before registration closes or even after it has been submitted, can my be updated to it?

  28. ogbonnaiye ebenezer

    please my name is not on the senate list.
    though I haven’t done my clearance yet, and the registration has already started, my question is, can I still be added to the senate list before deadline registration day Nov.

  29. my Name is on approved graduation list but yet on the senate list

    1. Try to register if the system doesn’t allow you, then contact your institution

  30. my own is showing no details found please confirm that your details are correct .ensure that your school provided the correct details…..am worried…..that is the problem

    1. Contact your institution immediately

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