Meaning Of Shortlisted, Applicant, And Beneficiary On Npower Nasims Dashboard

The physical verification of Npower batch C stream 2 applications has begun, but one thing that some Npower applicants are unsure about is the distinction between applicant, beneficiary, and Shortlisted as stated plainly on their dashboard.

In light of the foregoing, we decided to write this post in order to respond to the questions that some of you have about the subject and to help you familiarize yourself with your Npower dashboard status.

  • The term “applicant” merely means that you have applied to Npower and that your information has been logged on the Npower Nasims applications dashboard.
  • Npower Shortlisted merely implies that a Npower candidate has been chosen for the next round of the Npower application process. This group of applicants has been biometrically screened and is awaiting the next step.
  • Npower Beneficiaries basically implies that an applicant has finished the Npower application process, passed the physical verification, and been assigned to a PPA.
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Note: Your application status may appear as Shortlisted on the Nasims dashboard overview page, but you will continue to be listed as an applicant on the screening, verification, and deployment pages until Npower approves your physical verification, at which point your status will change to Beneficiary.

Additional information:

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  • Existing Npower Beneficiaries/Volunteers are Npower beneficiaries who are already getting stipends and are presently serving in various places of primary assignment.
  • Npower Volunteers who have been disengaged or graduated are simply those who have completed their service term and have been disengaged or graduated from the Npower Program.
  •  Npower Prospective applicants are persons who are not currently Npower beneficiaries but are interested in applying and becoming one.
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