Nigerian Police Salary Structure And Ranks (2019)

We shall be looking at the Nigerian police salary structure and ranks. If you have been searching for how much the Nigerian policemen are being paid on monthly basis, then finally you have landed on the right page.

Nigerian policemen are being paid mostly according to their ranks and grade which we covered on this post.

Recall that the salaries of Nigerian police have recently got an upward review, meaning that their salaries have been increased, so we shall be focusing on their new salary structure.

Nigerian Police Salary Structure And Ranks (2019)

Nigerian policemen

Presently, the Nigerian police force has a total of 371,800 men (to be increased to 650,000 according to President Buhari) scattered in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. Their duty is mostly to enforce law, and they are paid by the Federal Govt of Nigeria.

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The Nigerian police was formed in the year 1930, and it has about 2,000 station with 36 commands which are further grouped into 12 zones controlled by 7 administrative organs.

In Nigeria, who becomes the head of Nigerian police is determined by appointment of the President of Nigeria. The head of Nigerian Police is refers as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) whose salary is also the highest in the police force.

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Below are the arms of Nigeria Police:

  • Administrative
  • Anti-Fraud Section
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Central Criminal Registry
  • DCI Kaduna Annex and Counter
  • Force Intelligence Bureau
  • Forensic Science
  • Homicide
  • Laboratory
  • Legal Section
  • Interpol Liaison
  • Police Mobile Force
  • Special Anti-Robbery Squad
  • Special Fraud Unit
  • Terrorism Unit
  • X-Squad, General Investigation

It is important to note that with the increased minimum wage from N18,000 to N30,000. It’s also expected that the salary of police force will rise.

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Nigerian Police Salary Structure And Ranks

  • Police Recruit: N9,019.42
    (A police recruit is a person who is still undergoing training to join the Nigerian police force.
  • Police Constable (Grade Level 03): N43, 293.80
    (Constable is the lowest rank in Nigeria Police)
  • Police Constable (Grade Level 10): N51,113.59
  • Police Corporal On Grade 04 (step 1): N44,715.53
  • Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (step 10): N51,113.59
  • Police Sergeant on Grade 05 (step 1): N48,540.88
  • Police Sargent on Grade 05 (step 10): N55,973.84
  • Sergeant Major on Grade 06 (step 1): N55,144.81
  • Sargent Major on Grade 06 (step 10): N62,204.88
  • Cadet Inspector on Grade Level 07 (step 1): N73,231.51
  • Cadet Inspector on Grade 07 (step 10): N87,135.70
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) on Grade 08 (step 1): N127,604.68
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) on Grade 08 (step 10): N144,152.07
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP 1) On Grade 09 (step 1): N136, 616.06
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP 2) on Grade 09 (step 10): N156,318.39
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police(DSP) on Grade 10 (step 1): N148,733.29
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) oN Grade 10 (step 10): N170,399.69
  • Superintendent of Police (SP) on Grade 11 (step 1): N161,478.29
  • Superintendent of Police (SP) on Grade 11 (step 10): N187,616.69
  • A Chief of Superintendent of Police, CSP on Grade 12 (step 1): N172,089.06
  • Chief of Superintendent of Police, CSP on Grade 12 (step 8): N199,723.96
  • Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACP, Grade 13 (step 1): N183,185.73
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, Grade 13 (step 10): N212,938.16
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP, on Grade 14 (step 1): N242,715.65
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police,DCP, On Grade 14 (step 7): N278,852.79
  • Commissioner of Police, on Grade 15 (step 1): N266,777.79
  • Commissioner of Police, on Grade 15 (step 6): N302,970.47
  • Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, on Grade 16 (step 1): N499,751.87
  • Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, on Grade 16 (step 5): N546,572.73
  • The Inspector General Of Police, IGP: N711,498

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