NYSC Batch A 2020 News Update – Passport photograph

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Nysc Batch A 2020 news updates

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LATEST update on NYSC Registration Portal for 2020 Batch A! (20th February)

All those who have completed their online registration should check their dashboard to know if their passport photographs are among those rejected. If your passport photograph is among those rejected simply upload another passport that meet the NYSC requirement.


This is to inform 2020 Batch “A” Prospective Corps Members with wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and Passport Photographs during Online Registration to contact our States Secretariat before the commencement of the Orientation Course. No change of Passport Photographs after registration at the Orientation Camp.

Those who can’t select State of Deployment should exercise patience, more slots will still be available.


Previous Updates

Dear Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) be calm. While registration is still on, your names can still be uploaded online by your institution. Just try to stay in touch with your institution.

Currently there is “No Active Registration” on the NYSC online registration portal. And NYSC has not postponed the registration date.

However, a lot of people believe that NYSC will postpone the registration date due to the fact that many institutions are yet to upload their Senate list on NYSC Portal.

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This is just an assertion, because NYSC does not work that way. Below is our points:

1. There are many foreign trained graduates who do not need Senate list to register.

2. There are those that were mobilized with previous batch that will register with this Batch A.

3. The registration portal can open while institutions upload their senate list.

Let’s be optimistic, the registration Portal will soon be opened. CIick here to check your name on the Senate list for 2020 Batch A.

NYSC Senate List Checking Date & Time For Batch ‘A’ 2020

Many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) have been asking us when they will start seeing their names on the Senate list for Batch ‘A’ 2020.

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We can assure you that by Wednesday midnight some of you should be ready see their names online at NYSC portal. So, from Thursday once you see your name, you can proceed for registration. Click here to check your name on the Senate list.

NYSC 2020 Batch ‘A’ Online Registration is yet to begin

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) management has said that online registration for Batch A 2020 will commence on 20th February, 2020.

The NYSC Director of Press and Public Relations, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi said this in her statement yesterday when reacting to information on the social media that online registration for 2020 Batch ‘A’ had commenced.

She dismissed the information as fake, and said it was the handiwork of fraudsters.

Some schools commence pre mobilization for NYSC Batch A

The information reaching us is that some institutions in Nigeria have started NYSC pre-mobilization exercise for 2020 Batch A.

NYSC pre-mobilization is a process of gathering information from graduates who are eligible to take part in the NYSC programme. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find out if your school have started. Go to the Students’ Affairs Directorate in your school to find out if they have started or when they will start their pre-mobilization. You can use the social media buttons below to share this particular post with friends. Thank you

NYSC 2020 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Camp Updates

We wish to inform you that there is not yet an official date for 2020 Batch ‘A’ registration date and camp date. The information going round that contain the purported Orientation camp date is false and misleading.

Once NYSC releases the official time table for 2020 Batch A, it will be published on NYSC website, NYSC Facebook page and also on NYSC whatsapp groups.

Please, beware of many fake NYSC WhatsApp groups out there. Most of the groups are handworks of scammers who are looking for an avenue to defraud you. You can only join a reliable NYSC WhatsApp group from this website.

Senate list update for 2020 Batch A

A Senate list is an official list of all those who qualified to register for NYSC. This list will be uploaded on the NYSC portal by your respective institutions. Once your institution upload it, we will duly inform you. See how to verify your name on the NYSC Senate list.

NYSC JAMB Matriculation list update

This is to inform all the 2020 Batch ‘A’ Prospective Corps Members (PCMs), that they should now proceed to verify their names on the JAMB matriculation list for NYSC mobilization. Click here to verify your name on JAMB Matriculation list.

Remember to always visit this website for NYSC Batch A 2020 news update.

If you have any question, kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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  1. Olasanmi Olawale Michael

    Please sir I want to complain about my age limit I wrote my final paper 2019 Dec and the was not academic session in 2020 across Nigeria due to the outbreak of covid-19 now in 2021 the school Senate approve our result and 2021 was recorded as the year of graduation and now I’m already 30 years, what I’m I going to do

  2. Good evening please have done my registration since March and have been giving slot but the problem am facing is have not been able to print my green card since then because the money I paid then did not show in my payment. Please am I going to pay another money or what am I going to do.

  3. Sir my previous phone once it’s news update they will inform me thought NYSC info I will see the notification but now Is onother Phone I was not receive Notification From Nysc info why?

  4. Ogbu Michael igelleja

    Sir I dnt understand why there are saying knw state for deployment for batch A stream 2

    1. Be patient, NYSC will resolve it soon.

  5. SIR,my name was on the senate list for batch A, but i did not register because i want to go for batch B…..Plz Sir can i register during batch B registration?

  6. Are we being deceived that dere is stream 2? Because d portal is saying.. No active registration… What does that mean

  7. my name was on d senate list for batch A
    , but i dnt want to go for batch A but rather batch B…..
    can i still go ahead and register with Batch B, when d registration startS?

    1. Yes, provided your name is still on the Senate list

  8. In my jamb validation, my date of Birth is wrongly written as 04/02/1990 instead of 06/02/1990 and the state of Origin is wrongly written as Benue instead of Bayelsa, how can I correct this? Will it affect me during camp verification if yes how do i go about it

  9. Please will there be a stream 2 for batch A and if yes when will the registration commence?

  10. Good afternoon sir, pls is there batch A stream ll because I really want to be sure…if yes, will I register now or will there be registration for stream 2 and when will it commence…thanks sir.

  11. I’m yet to register. Due to the current situation as regards states being filled up, should I still go ahead and register?

  12. Will there be stream 2? My school just uploaded few names on the senate list and I heard portal has closed..

  13. Good afternoon, pls the doctor used pen to write my medical certificate of fitness, sign and then stamp. Will it be accepted like that.

    1. Only medical certificate of fitness obtained from government hospital will be accepted

  14. Please how can I check on my dashboard to confirm NYSC did not reject my passport photo graph during online registration?

    1. There is no how. Once your passport is rejected, you will see the message once you login. But if you are not seeing any message that means you are not affected

  15. Good morning, please I did the registration already but still showing no states available till this now and am to go for batch A. What am I suppose to do please? Or what’s going to happen?

  16. Please how will you know if your passport is not accepted

    1. You will see the message when you login

  17. I receive messages said I should upload old international passport please who can assist me and explain to me

    1. The first international passport you have because it contains data that NYSC needs.

      1. Please sir Mr. Humphrey. My question is that :
        May I edit my data after registration? For example :to change or add States visited or to change those four states? Of deployment

  18. For those that the platform showing no available slots for them and the date of the registration is not over what was dat mean are they going to re-opening for them to select the state o not

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