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Sorry! You are not in this Stream

If your are seeing “Sorry! You are not in this Stream. You will be notified when to print your Call-up letter” whereas you just registered with Stream 2, please ignore the message.
That message is an error message, and it has no implication whatsoever.
If you registered with either Stream 1 or Stream 2, please ignore the message.
It’s a little technical error from the NYSC management, and I’m sure they will resolve it before 25th November.
Please, be informed that there is no other Stream this year after 2019 Batch C Stream 2 which will hold on 28th November, 2019.
All the Stream 1 leftovers will surely join this Batch C Stream 2, and those who registered with Stream 2 will equally go for service this year.
After 2019 Batch C Stream 2, the next is 2020 Batch A which will take place in February/March next year.

NYSC to reopen registration portal on 8th Nov 2019

NYSC Batch C registration ended today, 1st Nov 2019. However, the portal will reopened on 8/11/2019 for Stream 2 registration. Those that will register on 8th November are those who have not registered before or who could not complete their registration before the portal closed.

NYSC passport photograph requirements

NYSC is rejecting some passport photographs uploaded by PCMs during online registration.
The reason for rejecting it is because those do not meet the NYSC passport requirements.
Please, all registered PCMs should login to their DASHBOARD now to check if they are affected.

If you are affected, don’t panic. All you have to do is to you upload another one as soon as possible.

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Below is vital official information from NYSC management to Batch C PCMs
“This is to inform 2019 Batch C Prospective Corps members that they can request for correction of Name on their dashboard by clicking ‘Apply for Change of Name’ link.
i. Spelling Error in your
ii. Rearrangement of name
iii. Addition of name
iv. Removal of name
Kindly note that your Students Affairs Officer, will see the request for Addition and Removal of Name, process and forward to NYSC for further necessary action.
You will not be registered on camp, if there is disparity in the name uploaded online, that appears on your dashboard and that of your Statement of Result.
This is also to avoid errors on your Certificate of National Service.
Update on NYSC Senate List for 2019 Batch C PCMs
This is to inform all the Prospective corps members that the uploading of Senate list on NYSC portal is on-going.
Please, do not panic if you have not seen your name on the NYSC Senate List for Batch C 2019.
The NYSC management is working to make sure you see your name on the Senate List.
Prospective corps will begin to see their names on the Senate list from tommorow (21st October).
Some institutions that have uploaded their Senate list have not submitted the hard copies of the uploaded list to NYSC.
Candidates from the affected institutions will no be able to see their names until their institutions submit their hard copies to NYSC.
After uploading Senate List, institutions are expected to also take the hard copy of the uploaded Senate List to the NYSC Abuja headquarters.

NYSC extends Remobilization Date to 18th

October 2019. (This will affect online registration date for NYSC Batch C 2019).

The Management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has extended the remobilization date to 18th October 2019.
If you check the NYSC portal you will see that the new date, ’18th Oct 2019′ has reflected.
I want to remind you that NYSC Remobilization is meant for those that registered for NYSC in Camp with previous Batch but later absconded from service.

Will this extension affect Batch C 2019 Online Registration?

This is the question, Prospective Corps members have been asking.
The answer is “Yes”. NYSC will equally exend the online registration date for 2019 Batch C.
Nyscinfo.com has independently verified from a reliable source that the new date for NYSC Batch C 2019 online registration is *21st October 2019.
Although this date has not been made official. But that is new date you should expect.
Stay close to this website for latest NYSC updates.

Senate list update for Batch C 2019

The NYSC Senate list uploading is still in progress for NYSC Batch C 2019.

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How NYSC Senate list works

Every institution is to upload their senate list on the NYSC portal, and the uploading is on-going, in fact many institution in Nigeria have uploaded their senate list.

CIick Here to check your name on the NYSC senate list.

Why “No Record Found” when I checked my name on the NYSC Senate list?

The reason you are seeing the message “No record found” is because, NYSC has a process. The process is as follows; If you institution upload their Senate list on the NYSC portal.

You will still be seeing “No record found” until your institution submit the hard copy of the uploaded senate list to the NYSC Abuja headquarters for verifications.

It’s after the verifications of the hard copy of senate that prospective corps members will begin to see their names on the Senate list. So, right now if you check your name on the NYSC senate list, what you will see is “No Record Found” because your institution has not submitted the hard copy to NYSC.

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What if my name is not on the Senate List?

If your name is not on the NYSC Senate list, just forget about going for NYSC. Because only those whose names appear on the NYSC senate list will be able to register for NYSC.

Updated: November 20, 2019 — 7:56 pm

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