NYSC Extends 2020 Batch A Stream 2 Online Registration Date

NYSC extends 2020 Batch A online registration deadline from 28/3/2020 to 31/3/20. See details below.

The management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has extended online registration date for 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 Prospective Corps Members.

Online registration which was previously scheduled to end on Monday, March 28, 2020 has now been extended to Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Prospective Corps members (PCMs) who are yet to register can register with this little opportunity given.

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How to register for NYSC online

1. Go to the NYSC Online Registration portal at portal.nysc.org.ng.

2. If you are registering for the first time, click on “Mobilization Batch A, 2020”.

3. If you have registered previously and did not complete your Registration, do not create a new account, just click on “Login Here” to login and continue your registration with your previous E-mail address and Password.

4.The revalidation link is only for those mobilized in 2019 Batch “C” and previous Batches, but did not go to the Orientation Camp.

5. Do not allow another person to thumb print for you.

6. You can apply for Name Correction on your dashboard.

7. Make sure the passport photograph uploaded is very clear. See NYSC Registration Passport photograph requirements.

8. Make sure you do not forget the Email and Password used during your Online Registration.

9. Cross-check your details before submission to avoid wrong data.

10. You connect with us at our Social Media platforms for latest updates.

Check out the total cost of NYSC online registration at Cyber Café.


Things needed at Cyber Cafe for NYSC online registration

Below is the list of things you may need for NYSC online registration at Cyber cafe;

1. Your Passport photograph.

2. ATM cards (or you can use another persons ATM card).

3. Your personal details.

4. You need some cash to set off some bills.

5. Your Matric Number and JAMB reg number.

7. For foreign trained graduates Click here to check out all that you need for NYSC registration.

Check out this: Sample of NYSC online registration form.


  1. Please I was mobilized in March for stream 1 but I was unable to go…and now I can’t revalidate during stream 2 reg. and registration for stream 2 has been stopped pls wat can I do sir

  2. Good morning Sir, have been trying to register online for the past one week but ain’t working. My name is in the senate list for batch A stream 2. What can I do sir? Cos the deadline was yesterday.

  3. Hell am a foreign student I have already been cleared but my dashboard is showing me that you have not yet been mobilized because you have not uploaded valid documents. And I already get my cleared verification letter saying that i’m cleared please what’s the problem

  4. Good day, my details read that am not on the verify senate list and i have collected my notification of result which i like to register for Batch A Stream,please what can i do?

  5. I registered for nysc batch A stream two but couldnt select state yet,what is the problem sir and today is 28 march.

  6. Am trying to register but is telling me school has not yet submitted hard copy but my name is on senate list how can I do it

  7. Please I register with batch A stream 2 and my dashboard is showing am not this stream I will be notified when to print call up letter. Please does it mean am not going with the stream 2

  8. Sir, I do jamb regularization and they mistakingly put 1992 as date of birth instead of 1986. I do my NYSC registration with Batch A stream 1 and given call up number but not posted yet. Is there any things I can do to correct my date of birth to be exempted from the service? Because I don’t want to serve. Please I need your advice.

  9. I register for batch a stream 1 but i was excepted after entering the camp i was corrected that i can login in dashboard and continue the registration but am still seeing g the same thing that i was excepted what will i do pls. But someone tell me that such work are normally done on week is it true thank U

  10. Good evening sir, I was unable to continue my registration because the response was no available slot for deployment

  11. Pls Sir after few days of my registration I logged in I saw” I am sorry you Re not in this stream, we will tell you when to print your call up letter” what does that me? I am not stream 2 or what?

  12. my dashboard is saying no more available state for slot, am registering for batchA stream2. really don’t know why it is so pls help me

  13. Pls I did my registration on 18th of march but and have not done verification, so my dash board is showing not evaluated, it is possible that after this corona virus of a thing, that I can still verify and meet up with stream 2?. thanks

  14. Please I did my registration on 19 of march but have not verify as a foreign student. My dash board is showing not evaluated, is it possible that I can still do the verification after this issue of corona virus and meet up with stream ll? Thanks

  15. Good morning sir geabduate at 30year old will I allowed to sever by August 15 I will be 31 and jamb make mistakes on year instead of 1990 they put 1989 so am confuse right now

  16. Please,my account has been suspended since last three weeks now. Am unable to login into my account.

  17. after completing my registration I saw that there is no state available for deployment,no any state to choose. what can I do?

  18. I am a foreign students
    After I did my fiscal varification if i login in to my email it’s showing me that my account has been suspended.
    What can I do

  19. Good day sir, my name is already out in batch A stream 2 but i don’t want to go for service now because of some personal reason and by 22 of May i will 30 years old will i b allow to register and serve.

  20. Please I register
    But I can’t not select states
    Because is showing no slot available
    Please I need answers

  21. Good day Mr. Humphrey. I registered for d NYSC Batch A stream 2 but I couldn’t select state of deployment bcos its showing” NO AVAILABLE SLOT” what’s d way out.

  22. Please I was unable to do physical verification for stream 2 for foreign students before it ended, please can I still do the physical verification now that stream 2 Registration date has being extended

  23. I have been try to salect my state since 18 March 2020, yet to now no more state available. What is problem?

  24. I have registered but when I reached to a stage for selection of state of deployment is saying no available slot what should I do at this point.

  25. I have almost done with my registration,but still some portion to fill.( there is no available slot) of state deployment. And I didn’t yet pay nysc charges.and up to know,the same statement seen in my dashboard..what is the solution??

  26. I did my physical registration on march 2 but they have not cleared me. They wrote you have not been evaluated yet…what can I do

  27. I am in stream 1 but I want to go with stream 2 what will I do when registration begin 2020 stream 2 begins

  28. I am married but i was not able to get a newspaper change of name before the NYSC registration ended, so I registered as a single person, if I get the newspaper change of name can I change it from the camp am being posted to?

  29. Payment is yet to be confirmed, i hope it won’t affect anything because registration is ending today

  30. Pls I am a married woman but my median name is Tom Janet Monday but in the cause of registration due to my marital status I was ask to accept a change of name the problem now is the change of name nysc is giving does not contain my husband’s Name as my middle name instead it still contain father name i.e Etuk Janet Monday instead of Etuk Janet Idopise,my husband’s name is Etuk Idopise but in my dashboard am seeing Etuk Janet Monday what should I do should I apply for a change of name or is it normal although my green card still bears Tom Janet Monday

    • What you need is a newspaper evidence of change of name to convince NYSC that you are married so that NYSC can post you to where your husband live. NYSC does not require you to change your name on your school documents or dashboard.

  31. Is the camp still on the 10th of this month and this registration, is it for just stream 1 or but stream 2.thanks

  32. I tried registering and I was told I am in stream 2..please would there be stream 2 for batch A 2020

  33. Please I need help, I printed my green card and just discovered the date of birth written on it is wrong. How do I correct this please. Is it going to affect me in camp

  34. My state of origin is kwara state but wen sch release dere senate list, am seeing different state of origin….. Hope DAT will not b a problem

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