NYSC officially announces 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream 2 POP date

By Comrade Nnadi Goodluck



NYSC management has officially announced the POP date for 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream 2 Corps Members.

The Passing Out Parade date has been set to Thursday, 16th July 2020.

Below is the official MEMO from the NYSC management.


I write to inform you that the Director-General has approved Thursday, 16th July, 2020 as the date for the Passing-Out of the 2019 Batch ‘B’ (Stream II) Corps Members from the National Service.

2. Given the obtaining situation of COVID-19, the required protocol of prevention and control, including physical distancing, should be strictly adhered to.

3. Accordingly, State/FCT Co-ordinators are to note the following.

i. Create the enabling environment, preferably, open spaces for the distribution of Certificates of National Service, by having at least ten (10) service points.

ii. The distribution of the Certificates In the States/FCT should be staggered for a period of ten (10) days, in the first instance, in compliance with the requirements of social distancing.

iii. Each distribution point should not have more than thirty (30) Corps Members, with three (3) to five (5) NYSC officials supervising the process/doing the distribution.

4. State Coordinators are enjoined to establish effectual contacts with Security Agencies for this period, and to ensure that all the requirements of physical distancing are strictly observed, please.

Y.S. Ehoda-Adi
For: Director-General

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  1. Hope federal government will pay July allowance in full now that we are passing out on the 16th.

  2. Corps member who has travel to their homes and restriction has been made,how are they to come for their pop?
    2)Which movement has Barned by federal government
    3while is it that other things are function table like churches and school are yet to reopened.
    4)Is it not partiality

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