Requirements for Nigerian Nurses to Practice in the UK

The purpose of this article is to describe in detail the existing criteria for physicians and nurses to practise in the United Kingdom in 2021; please read it carefully. If, therefore, you are a Nigerian nurse aspiring to practice in the UK, this article will be of great help to you. This post will show you the requirements for Nigerian nurses to practice in the UK.

Requirements for Nigerian Nurses

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You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that there will be a shortage of health care professionals now that the UK has left the European Union; therefore, now is the best time to take advantage of what is currently happening in the UK and meet their requirements while remaining part of the workforce without European Union restrictions. Read Current Cost of UK Visa in Nigeria 2021

Nurses and Doctors Requirements to Practice in the UK

There are English examinations that must be passed regardless of your English background in order for a nurse or a medical practitioner to qualify to practise in the United Kingdom. The following are some of them:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) (International English Language Testing System)
  • PTE OET (Occupation English Test) OET (Occupation English Test) OET (Occupation English Test (Pearson Tests of English)
  • The Pearson Test of English (PTE) was recently authorised and added to the list.

Please keep in mind that while each of these English exams is recognised for admission to study and for a work visa, the band scores are different.

The following is the band’s score:

  1. The study band score is 5. (Five)

  2. The total band score for work, particularly nurses, is 7 (seven) out of 9.

  3. A medical doctor’s total band score is 8 (eight) out of 9.

Ensure That You Complete The Exam.

Unless a specific examination is not accessible in your country, it is recommended that you write the exam before moving there. You must learn how to apply for the test as well as the location where the exam will be held. It’s also critical that you learn the exam schedules and stay focused on how to approach them without being distracted by trivial matters. Requirements for Nigerian Nurses. Read also Irish Visa in Nigeria, Requirement and How to Apply

The Next Step

The next step is to apply for CBT when you have passed or earned the appropriate score level on the English test (computer-based tests). This exam is also available in Nigeria. When you pass the CBT (Computer-based Test), you should look for an agent or recruiter who will help you find work in the United Kingdom.

Make sure you use a reputable recruiter rather than a “mister know-it-all” who is only interested in your money and promises a lot but delivers little.

Only if you pass the exam would a reputable recruiter accept you. If they are certain of an easily accessible position, some may occasionally sponsor everything for the candidate, including the CBT fund, aeroplane tickets, and lodging. You actually need them to help you get a better career, and they also know how to find a company who would sponsor you. Requirements for Nigerian Nurses.

The Test Components for the IELTS or the OET

The following are the various components of the IELTS or OET test:

Speaking, reading, writing, and listening are all part of the IELTS. The four elements are as follows. For a nurse, a straight score of 7 is required, and for a medical doctor, a straight score of 8 out of 9 is required.

This is true for jobs in the United Kingdom. If you have a score that is less than a perfect 7, you have 6 months to rewrite the exam and combine the results to make up for the deficiencies in some areas.

The writing score has been decreased to 6.5, while the other grades have remained at 7.

IELTS Examination Centre in Nigeria

There are currently chances to write the IELTS in several states across the Federation; nevertheless, the commercial metropolis of Lagos remains the centre for OET.

IELTS for Studies Writing

A minimum score of 5 is required for professionals who want to study in the UK before working. As a result, if you earn a minimum of 5 points, you are now eligible to apply for studies in the United Kingdom.

Source: Nyscinfo