Things that are not needed at NYSC Orientation Camp

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Today, we are going to focus on those things that are not needed in the NYSC orientation camp.

Recall that we discussed about *things that are needed at the NYSC orientation camp* including compulsory documents.

Some items are restricted in the NYSC camp, and most likely to be brought to the camp by Prospective Corps Members (PCM).

When a PCM bring an restricted item to the NYSC camp, such item would be seized right at the camp entrance gate. Reason we should discuss about those things/items that are not needed in the camp.

Life at the NYSC camp is not the same as the normal home life. The NYSC camp is regimented, and many people who aspire to enter into camp have no idea about the things that are not needed.

However, some Otondo (New Corps Members) always consider going to camp with things that are acceptable in boarding not knowing that the NYSC camp is by far different from boarding schools.

Corps member are usually spotted going to the NYSC camp with things, like television set, Laptop, Extension etc. But by the time you are through reading this article, you will get to know things that are not needed.

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List of things that are not needed in the NYSC camp.

1. Television set: Please, this is not needed in the NYSC camp.

2. Pets: Please, on no account should you bring an animals to camp.

3. Pressing iron: Pressing iron is not needed in the NYSC camp. The only way to Iron your clothes is by taking them to laundry at Mami market. But let me ask you, which cloths are you going to Iron, you white and white shots or khaki? Please, you don’t need to Iron anything.

4. Boiling ring: Some people call it heater or boiler, please don’t bring it to the NYSC camp.

5. Car: So, you want oppress soldiers or impress the female otondo, do not even say “what about Davido who came to camp with his car”, it is simply not allowed, or you rather wait till when you become Davido, you can drive your car to the camp.

6. Motorcycle: Oh! So, if all the ‘Otondo’ should  with their bikes, would you create extra space to pack it?

7. Bicycle: Hahaha! Try to bring it to camp, Soldiers will just throw you and that bicycle away, naughty boy!

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8. Mattress or foam: So, if soldiers are sleeping on bed bugs infested mattresses, you ‘otondo’ would be sleeping on neat and clean mattress eh?

9. Cutlers: Things like tin cutters etc are not needed. Who do you want to be cutting with it.

10. Big luggage: If your luggage is very big, please offload it.  Soldiers would be like, “Omo see this otondo, ordinary 3-week stay, him dey come with him papa house”

11. Laptop: I know yahoo people would like to come with laptop, so that they won’t lose any of their clients while in camp. Please, Laptop is not allowed in the NYSC camp.

12. Suite case: I don’t to comment on this one, but don’t just come with it.

13. Mirror: Not only ladies, some guys also carry mirrors nowadays. Please, it is not needed in the orientation camp.

14. Extension socket: I know it is for charging phones that would give you this thought, but just know it is not needed.

15. Knife: All this Aboki that like carrying daggers, please don’t come with it.

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There are many other restricted items. Bringing them to camp is just finding trouble from soldiers and NYSC Officials. Funny enough some of these items are even an offense if you attempt to bring them near the camp gate. If you managed to sneak them in, you can be decamped if later found with using it in camp.


List of things that are not needed in the NYSC Camp

1. Televisions,

2. Pets,

3. Pressing Iron,

4. Boiling ring,

5. Cars,

6. Motorcycles,

7. Bicycle,

8. Mattresses,

9. Cutlers,

10. Big luggage,

11. Laptop,

12. Suit case,

13. Mirrors,

14. Extension Sockets, 15. Knives

Some of the Things Not Needed At NYSC Orientation Camp as mentioned above are rather strictly out of bounds or you may be looking for trouble from the NYSC officials and worst enough from the Nigerian military.

Now you know, do not fall a victim, do well also to share!

Updated: March 28, 2019 — 7:45 am

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