Top 10 CV mistakes you should avoid in 2020

List of top 10 CV mistakes you should avoid in 2020

When creating your CV or Resume there are ‘little’ mistakes that can stop you from getting invitation for an interview.

Top 10 CV Mistakes you should avoid

One of these mistakes could be the reason you are not getting an invitation for an interview after submitting your CV.

Your CV should be tailored in a way that attract the attention of your prospective employer.

Top 10 common CV mistakes to avoid

Below are CV/Resume mistakes that you should avoid when creating your CV;

1. Writing a generic CV

Don’t create a CV that is meant to fit all job openings. Your CV should be tailored to fit a particular job description. This gets more attention than CV that was created to match all jobs descriptions.

2. Stating Unproven Claims

Unproven claim such as “I was the best marketer in my organization” can be used against you during the interview. Reason is because this kind of claim can raise the employers expectations that you might not be able to defend during the interview.

3. Having too many typographical errors in your CV

Try as much as possible to avoid typographical errors in your CV. Allowing typographical errors shows you are careless and not a serious type. To eliminate typos, read and re-read your CV several times after writing it.

4. Being unprofessional with information on your CV

Treat your CV as an official document. Every information you give on your CV tells a lot about your person. Don’t use annoying email address such as,,, etc. Using this might give wrong impression about you.

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5. Adding unrelated hobbies and interest on your CV

There is no point adding hobbies and interest that are not related to the job description you are apply for. Only add related hobbies and interest to give impression that you are the best person for the job.

6. Not having keyword on your CV

Keywords are words or phrase that define what your CV is about. Keywords will help attract the attention of your prospective employer. The keywords to use should include adjectives like; punctual, diligent, hard working, and so on, and verbs like; achieved, delivered, accomplished, etc.

7. Lying about yourself on your CV

Giving false information about yourself on your CV can backfire you. Since you are looking forward to be invited for an interview, give correct information that you can defend.

8. Leaving out important information

You should not forget to include information about yourself because that is what the employer will look at to contact you. Information such as your email address, phone number are very important to be added on your CV.

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9. Adding images and logos to your CV

There is no point adding images and logos to your CV except if you are applying for a job in a media company. If you are not good looking, adding an image to your CV will be to your own disadvantage.

10. Creating a poorly organized CV

As we said earlier, your CV is an official document and should be treated as one. How organized your CV is will go a long way telling about you. If you have problem writing a good CV, you can seek help from professional, see CV writing service available to you in Nigeria.

Updated: January 25, 2020 — 1:12 pm

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