What is Aviator Game: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How it Works

As the betting industry evolves, more innovative games are being introduced into the betting world. The Aviator game is a relatively new game developed by Spribe and is growing in popularity among betting enthusiasts.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed rundown of what the Aviator game is, how it works, and some top features it offers its players.

The Aviator Game: What Is It And How It Works?

As briefly mentioned in the introduction, The Aviator game is an all-action and engaging betting game by Spribe, an iGaming developer company founded in 2020. The Aviator game involves flying an airplane for as long as possible while the multiplier odds accumulate and then cashing out before the plane crashes or flies out of the interface.

In Aviator, as the plane keeps flying, so do the odds keep accumulating. However, the game is unpredictable as the plane may crash at any time during the game. The odds start from 1x and can sometimes reach as big as 200x. You win when you cash out before the plane crashes. Your winnings depend on your wager and the odds you cash out on.

Some play it safe by cashing out immediately after the odds clock 2x, while some daring players wait for bigger odds before cashing out. The whole point of the game is to cash out on as big odds as possible before the game crashes. Once the plane stops flying, all the accumulated odds that are yet to be cashed out in that particular round no longer count, and you lose.

Top Features of the Aviator Game

The Aviator game has many unique features for bettors to enjoy. Some of these features include:

In-game Chats

The Aviator game has successfully implemented a live chat feature where players can chat among themselves in real time. This novel introduction is a feature that is yet to go mainstream but is undoubtedly a very useful and welcome innovation in the Aviator game. Now, players can share banter and interact within themselves, adding a new layer of engagement and fun to the game.

Auto-Play and Cash Out

You can opt for auto-play and have your games played automatically. You can do this by setting how many rounds of play you would want to be auto-played. It could be anywhere from 1-10. You can also add the amount you want the game to automatically wager for you and the number of rounds you want to be auto-played.

You can also choose to cash out from each round automatically by choosing which particular point in the game to cash out. For instance, you can set an auto cash out of 5x odds. Once the odds accumulate to 5x, you’ll be automatically cashed out and deposited your winnings into your account. However, you’ll lose the game if a round ends before reaching the 5x milestone. Nonetheless, the auto-play and auto cash-out are innovative features that can be used to one’s advantage.

Double Bet Feature

The Aviator game allows bettors to place two bets in one round. This means that while other average casino games allow for one wager per round, the Aviator game gives you an additional bet on the round. This feature ultimately increases one’s chance of winning money while giving bettors more room for tactical experiments.

Available on Mobile

The Aviator game can be played on mobile devices. It doesn’t matter whether your device is an Android or iOS; you’ll be able to enjoy the engaging gaming experience that the Aviator brings. Also, the mobile version of the Aviator game affords you the opportunity to play the game anywhere and at any time as you test your chance for a big cash out.

Simple and Easy-to-play Interface

Despite the detailed features outlined in the game’s interface, the Aviator game still manages to maintain a simple and navigable interface. On the interface, you’ll be able to see the buttons for double bets and auto bets. You’ll also be able to track the game’s statistics in real-time, have access to your running amount, and so on.

The easy-to-understand gameplay also makes up for the game’s interface. Here, you can easily track the movement of the airplane while getting ready to cash out by pressing the cash out button at any time of your choosing.


The Aviator game thrives in its simplistic yet engaging features. Its popularity is only going to rise as time goes on. Overall, Spribe’s success in developing the Aviator game has set a high bar for how arcade games could be integrated into the betting industry in the near future. For now, though, every bettor or fun enthusiast should not hesitate to try out the Aviator game for a thrilling and entertaining gaming experience.