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Will N-Power Be Scrapped After Buhari’s Administration In 2023?

The Federal Government Social Investment Programme (N-Power) ought to be continued, especially now that many young Nigerians who have graduated from higher institutions are unemployed.

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Nearly half of all the emails and messages received in our inbox centered on issues of whether N-Power would continue or be scrapped after President Muhammadu Buhari handed over power to a new Administration in 2023.

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There are some extreme views about some of the questions asked regarding the N-Power fate, with some even going as far as to say there would be protest if the scheme is being scrapped.

Below is what an N Power Beneficiary wrote on (Npower Chat Group):

“Do not rejoice yet because if this current administration is sacked by February next year, this programme automatically gets terminated..

“Just look for a more useful thing and engage your life with. Even if APC should retain power, this programme might not be part of the new president’s policies and programs.

“Your program, if God permits, would only last for 6 months (September – February) during which you might only be paid 3months looking at the lackadaisical payment method.

Replying to this, another N-Power Beneficiary wrote:

“@Success, remember that Npower is no more in any big personality’s control. The said presupposes date from Sep-Feb as you just said was your own perception.

“However, all social investments such as Npower, Geep, Conditional cash transfer, Pupils school feeding and Nexit are all under the regulation of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

“Moreover, if the aforementioned social programmes would all be terminated by the incoming administration, be it APC or not, then what is the rationale behind the ministry’s creation?

“Don’t you know that every annual budget involves Ministry funding? And don’t you think that cancellation of any federal Ministry will never be an easy task because it would cause almost a million of workers to lose their jobs in the ministry?

“Please, before we judge a particular statement, let us at least think deep. Take Note!

Firing back once more, (@Success said);

“Just to correct you, ministry can be created and dissolve by any government. They will move the workers to other ministry. Very simple. Depending on what the government of the day wants.
My prayer is N-power should continue so that many people can benefit from it.”

Conclusion (Nyscinfo opinion)

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N-Power programme was created by Buhari’s administration (not by law), and can be scrapped by another administration. Therefore, N-Power is likely to be scrapped when new Administration takes over, but the good news is, there will be other new programmes that will replace the old ones.

Source: Nyscinfo.côm

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