2023 Election: Apply For INEC Recruitment Here

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was founded by the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Constitution in 1999 to, among other things, organize elections for various political posts.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is looking for Election Observer Groups for the governorship elections in EKITI and OSUN in 2022. Interested and qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for the position listed below.

Description of Job

  1. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) hereby invites registered civil society organizations (CSOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other interested stakeholders whose work focuses on democracy, governance, and elections to observe the governorship elections in Ekiti and Osun States, which are scheduled to take place on June 18th, 2022 (Ekiti State) and July 16th, 2022 (Osun State) (Osun State). This is without prejudice to any earlier interaction with the Commission, as the only permissible method of applying is to complete the prescribed application form (EC 14A (1)).
  2. Interested Observer organizations should fill out and submit the application form (EC 14A (1)) online, together with any other required papers (including evidence of past election observation to assist in the assessment of the application).
  3. Observer Groups should be aware that all other information, such as legal status, a registration certificate from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (Medium Tax Office), and proof of registration with the Civil Society Desk at INEC Headquarters in Abuja, must be submitted with the online application.
  4. Observer groups wishing to observe the two elections must declare so on the application form.
  5. Any document falsification in the submissions will result in automatic disqualification and possibly prosecution.
  6. The names of the successful observation groups will be published in national newspapers and on the Commission’s website after they have been authorized for accreditation.

Accreditation Of Successful Observer Groups

The Deployment of Observers Forms (EC 14A (II)) would then be required to be completed and submitted online by each successful group. Photographs of field observers are included.

To expedite the creation of identifying accreditation tags for Observers, the schedule of field Observers with their passport images uploaded and organised on a local government basis on form (EC14A (II)) shall also be submitted in a USB Flash Drive.

Before receiving their accreditation credentials, all successful Observer Groups will be required to sign the Commission’s indemnity form.

Notes On Election Observation Exercise

Notes on Election Observation Exercise Observation Principles Observer organizations should keep in mind that the essential principles of election observation, which include impartiality, objectivity, and non-partisanship, are outlined in relevant UN, AU, and ECOWAS treaties and protocols, as well as INEC guidelines on election observation (2018).

Protocols for Covid-19

In light of the current situation in the country, accredited observer groups are expected to follow all Covid-19 regulations and protocols issued by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, including wearing face masks, hand gloves, and hand sanitizers, as well as maintain social distancing by all members who will be working in the field on Election Day.

Click here to apply if you are interested

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