5 Best Boarding Schools In Nigeria & their School Fees

Deciding on which boarding school your child should attend is not an easy task. This is not because Nigeria is lacking in boarding schools, but not all the boarding schools in the country have the right educational standard that you might want for your child.

Of course, there are a lot of good secondary schools in the country that your child can go. However, if you want them to attend a topnotch boarding school where they will be given best training, below is the list of best boarding schools in Nigeria.

The boarding schools enlisted here are equipped with excellent playgrounds, labs, dormitories among other essential facilities that could aid them in their learning.

Best boarding schools in Nigeria & their School Fees

Below are the best boarding schools in Nigeria;

1. British International School

British International School is a famous boarding school in Lagos. It was established in 2000 and in 20 years; it has positioned itself as a citadel of learning for learning the English Language in the British way. The BIS fee doesn’t come cheap because, as they say, to get top quality, you have to pay top dollar. School fees: 5 million naira per year.

2. White plains British School

This school was established 14 years ago in Abuja by a group of undisclosed individuals, White plains provides excellent academic services to both Nigerians and other nationals staying in the country. It also offers educational certificate that is accepted worldwide. The school boasts of fully air-conditioned hostels, ICT centre, sports facilities, etc. School fees: 3.6 million naira per year.

3. Loyola Jesuit College

Owned by the Catholic Church as one of its best schools in the country, the school upholds Christian values as its mission principles. For many years, the school has remained in the hearts of many as an institution of repute and excellence. Another interesting thing is, the school exposes its students to international activities. School fees: 3 million naira per year.

4. Hillcrest School

If you are a Christian and you want your child to attend one of the best-behaved schools where he or she will learn spiritual values while pursuing the normal studies, then you need to take your child to Hillcrest. Located in Jos, Plateau State, Hillcrest adopts more of the American system of education instead of the British system.

Whereas the school is not one of the cheapest in the country, sending your child to the school will be totally worth it as graduates of the school are easily admitted to North American universities. School fee: 2.6 million naira per year.

5. Atlantic Hall Secondary School

Situated in Epe, Lagos state, close to the Atlantic Ocean, the secondary school was established in 1989 by the Educational Trust Council. With top facilities like a medical centre, standard football pitches, basketball and tennis courts and topnotch library, the school definitely ranks among the best boarding schools in Nigeria. School Fees: 2.5 million naira per year.

Source: Nyscinfo

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