5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Were Bus Conductors

Will you ever believe that some celebrities of today were once into street hustle? Well, this post will unveil five (5) Nigerian Celebrities who were Bus Conductors in the past.

The race of life is quite unpredictable, but the most desired lifestyle of everyone is a standard way of living. Most persons were born with a silver spoon, while thousands of persons weren’t.
They tend to get themselves the silver spoon which they weren’t born with.

According to a typical black man, such a situation is regarded as ‘moving from grace to grace’.
For the fact that nobody knows what the future holds, it is amazing to see people’s life turning
from worse to good.

List of 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Were Bus Conductors

The under listed persons started their early life as bus conductors, before being transformed into Nigerian stars/celebrities.

1. Jude Okoye

When it comes to the entertainment industry, Jude okoye is one of the most influential figures.
He is a producer and at the same time a manager.
In one of his Instagram posts, he categorically gave the level of hardship he passed through while visiting Lagos for the first time.
As he had to sleep under Ijora bridge for good four (4) days, in the year 1995.
He also worked as a conductor everyday just to get daily bread, all because of his musical career.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is a renowned comedian in Nigeria that also takes the role of an actor, and Master of ceremonies (MC). In one of his interview session with channels television, he affirmed to be a bus conductor. According to him, he did that job while in Delta State. Following the route of Ramah park back to Ogbaazu.

3. Joseph Benjamin

The young man known as Joseph Benjamin is a Nigerian actor. He works as a television presenter, singer, model, and other gifted roles.
In an interview during ‘Talk About It’ show with inspiration FM, he disclosed the difficulties experience in his career journey.

He said he started as a bus conductor, and went through serious of hustling such as security guard, waiter, bakery worker, shoe seller, and finally acting.

4. Gabriel Eziashi

He is a well recognized Nigerian gospel artist.
The singer in several of his songs has given brief lines on the hardship he has earlier faced.
Some of these songs are; My Praise, Aka ya Akaya, etc. During a press conference, he disclosed that he was once a bus conductor around Eko sixteen (16) years ago.

He went on to say due to the persistent hardship, he purposely ran into a movie vehicle, but the driver couldn’t hit him. And probably went into music when the driver told him “if you want to die go to Jesus”.

5. Small Doctor

He is a Nigerian afro-pop and Fuji recording artist/performer. In the year 2018, one of his songs titled “Penalty” won the best street hop awards in the Headies.

During an interview on Channels Television, he made it known that he worked as a bus conductor for many years. Following the routes of Agege to Ikeja, to Maryland, and to Yaba. Before finally finding victory through music.

For the fact that the five (5) of them served as bus conductor in their early quest for survival doesn’t make them born to suffer. At least they discovered a way out, so never give up as a human.
After the rain come sunshine, as there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Other celebrities experienced hardship but barely come out to say it.

This should be an inspiration to others, as they’re expected to be motivated by these people.
You can as well tell your story to touch others’ lives by using the comment section.

Kindly share with others, so they can get inspired and also know about these celebrities.

Source: Nyscinfo

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