5 Ways To Improve Your Job Search in Nigeria (2020)

Are you still searching for a new job? In this article, you will learn five (5) ways you can improve your job search.

Searching for a job does worth giving it all of your time. However, with the new year, it’s time to throw out old approaches, and try something new, I mean something different.

I don’t want to take much of your time, let me go straight to the point.

5 Ways To Improve Your Job Search

5 Ways To Improve Your Job Search in 2020

1. Set job expectations

What kind of job do you want or expecting? Many people searching for a job cannot answer this question correctly.

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Setting sensible job expectations is a vital tool for an effective job search. If you are not prepared in your field of choice, then look for field that you are well prepared.

You may not get that administration job this time, but you will have better chances for future job opportunities.

2. Review your CV/résumé

Where most people have big problem is in their CV. Your CV may not be attracting the right attention. Request that somebody check your CV, and be available to their suggestions.

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3. Dedicate more times to job search

Searching for a job is an all day work in itself. If you’re dedicating few hours in a week to search for a job, then you should consider increasing your efforts.

4. Don’t wait

A lot of people wait to see job adverts before they can apply for a job. The truth is, not all jobs are advertised. It’s time to visit the organization you want to work with, and make enquiries.

5. Prepare for an interview

To get a call for an interview is not difficult if you submit well written CV to the employer. See 10 tough job interview questions and answers.

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