5 Websites To Get Married Online Legally

There are various internet sites where you can get married, or at least where you can be legally married. We sought for the top legal online marriage services in the United States and others. If you’ve heard about “zoom weddings” that use video conferencing technology and aren’t sure where to start, keep reading for all the facts.

What Is the Distinction Between Legal and Ceremonial Marriages?

There is a significant distinction between legal and ceremonial marriages. Merely participating in your culture’s or religion’s marriage ceremony has no legal ramifications. For the marriage to be recognized by the state, you must obtain a marriage license from the authorities.

In the US, you need to hold a wedding ceremony with a wedding officiant to complete the legal marriage procedure. The ceremony, on the other hand, does not have to be anything special. As long as the officiant witnesses it and signs the license before submitting it to the government clerk for the marriage to be recorded and a marriage certificate issued.

Websites to Get Married Online Legally

1. MarryFromHome

MarryFromHome is another well-known name we came across when looking for legitimate sites to lawfully get married online. MarryFromHome’s pretty appealing and straightforward website displays a variety of services you can take advantage of if you wish to get married from the comfort of your own home, as the name suggests. The service, like WebWed, is available to anyone, not just US citizens. The service provides the ability to administer the wedding celebration remotely and host gatherings following the ceremony.

MarryFromHome takes care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy, for a fee, of course. Fill out their booking form, add all required documents, and share the private Zoom link with up to 90 people. The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes, and you can get the certificate signed by an Apostille to assist legalize it outside of the United States.

2. Wedfuly

Wedfuly isn’t a service that handles the legal aspects of getting married. Instead, this organization sells expert wedding live streaming services. The Wedfuly team will assist you in creating a multi-angle, high-quality live stream for as many guests as you desire.

The organization gives step-by-step directions for obtaining a marriage license. The officiant must sign the license and send it to the government clerk after the ceremony. You will then receive a copy shortly later.

Although you are primarily responsible for obtaining the license, Wedfuly’s method ensures that you are lawfully married. They have good materials on their site to ensure you understand what is required to make the marriage legal.

At the time of writing, the company suggests an Arizona marriage license because it is allowed in all US states and Arizona accepts online or postal marriage license applications. At least for the period of orders to stay at home.

3. WebWed

WebWed was mentioned several times during our web search for legitimate online marriage services. Sadly, WebWed doesn’t make the best first impression by requesting that the US government reject all online weddings not performed by WebWed. Nonetheless, according to third-party reports, people are legally marrying with success.

According to the company, all of its licenses are given by US courts, and they also serve international couples. WebWed deals with states where residence is not required. Although it is not specified on the WebWed website, third-party sources think that Utah may be one of these states because it has introduced fully-digital marriage license applications and issuance since 2019. WebWed also provides Apostille licenses for overseas couples whose marriage must be recognized outside of the United States.

4. Utahcounty.gov

If you don’t require the additional services provided by WebWed, you can go directly to the Utah government website and apply for a marriage license there. Utah is the only state that does not need the couple to visit the clerk’s office, as we indicated in the WebWed entry.

Of course, this website will not provide you with any wedding ceremony, live streaming, or other services. It only deals with the legal aspects of getting married. As a result, you must still hire an officiant and meet the minimum requirements outlined on the website.

This is the most affordable option because you may make your ceremony as simple and inexpensive as you like, as long as the officiant acknowledges it.

The officiant will then submit the documents remotely, and after a waiting period, you will receive your marriage certificate without ever having to set foot in a government office.

5. Simply Eloped

To “elope” implies to flee and marry in secret without permission, which makes it a strange term to use if you’re selling online marriages, but the rest of the service makes up for it.

Just Eloped defines “eloping” as a wedding attended by no more than 20 people. They walk clients through the full process of organizing their online weddings, beginning to end.

This encompasses everything that occurs during the ceremony, such as hair, makeup, flowers, video, photography, and anything else associated with wedding planning. Even Just Eloped will not call itself a wedding planner.

In terms of the legal element of the process, the organization takes a personalized approach to marriage licenses. The website gives each couple recommendations based on the state in which they live.


The sites we’ve mentioned below look to be trustworthy internet wedding venues. Of course, we didn’t get married on these sites to put that to the test. Finally, it is your responsibility to check that the service you choose has the legal authority to marry you.

Before paying anything to a third party, obtain third-party confirmation from marriage license issuers in your area. As previously stated, the situation is time sensitive and may alter as a result of reading this. einsteineruploading up to get together with. It, however, will stop on June 25, 2021.

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