7 Things To Note Before Buying A New Phone In Nigeria

Do you intend to purchase a smartphone today? Here are the top seven factors to consider when purchasing a new phone in Nigeria.

Smartphones have dominated the phone market, and you don’t want to be left behind. If you glance around, you’ll notice a variety of smartphone models, including gaming phones, waterproof phones, camera phones, Android-powered phones, iPhones, and others. We are not here to discuss the world’s huge selection of smartphones, but rather to show you things to think about before purchasing a new phone.

7 Things To Note Before Buying A New Phone In Nigeria

Here is a list of things you should never overlook when purchasing a new phone, or you will regret it. Take note of the following suggestions.

1. Budget

You want to get a new phone but don’t have the necessary funds. It is necessary to fit your goal with what you can afford at the time.

Another option is to wait a few months after the phone’s release; phones do not appreciate but deteriorate. This suggests that its price will most likely fall from its initial launch price.

Two Quick Tips:

  • When the dollar currency is volatile, phone prices might fluctuate dramatically. Be quick to purchase a device so that it does not become a burden later.
  • You could hunt for promo deals and wait for the ideal time to strike amazing deals on Jumia and Konga online shopping sites, since both online merchants frequently have jaw-dropping reductions.

2. Phone Specifications, Features, and Reviews

This is a critical component of phone pre-purchase advice. Let it be known that it is quite dangerous not to check to see if a phone matches the bill before purchasing; this mistake could come back to haunt you.

Reviews are in-depth evaluations of this gadget provided by users who have purchased from you or have access to use this phone. They inspect it for flaws, errors, and anything else that might be wrong with it before providing favorable or negative feedback.

Finally, look for specifications such as screen size, Android OS, camera pixels (front and back), battery capacity, network type, processor speed, RAM, storage capacity, and so on. You can read my earlier post about 11 Android specs to look for before purchasing a new phone. Furthermore, the presence of a Quick Charging (flash charge) function, Face ID, a fingerprint scanner, a cooling system for avid gamers, OTA updates, and other features is crucial.

So, here’s my advice: before purchasing a phone, make sure you’ve checked its specifications and probably reviewed it online to ensure that the item is what it appears to be.

3. Warranty

Ascertain that this item comes with at least a one-year guarantee. This is especially useful for phones that have developed random software difficulties or defects that were not caused by you.

Warranty will cover free repairs and maintenance, as well as replacement, for the duration of the warranty period. Warranty is typically connected to brand new phones rather than used gadgets. When you buy new cellphones from companies like Jumia, Xiaomi, Konga, CarlCare, and others, you will almost certainly receive a warranty.

4. Service Centre

This is a crucial reason that many people overlook. People do not evaluate whether the phone makers they want have repair centers in their states or countries.

It irritates me when individuals from as far away as northern Nigeria fly to Lagos to get their phones repaired. Why would you even consider purchasing such a device in the first place?

Check to see if the next phone you buy has a repair center in your area. That honestly turned me off. I’d rather buy phones from less popular brands if repair centers are available in Nigeria.

5. Availability of Spare Parts / Accessories

For those of us who enjoy purchasing electronics from overseas online markets. It’s cool, I know, but if these devices are damaged, be prepared to ship their components and consider the time limit until your products arrive in Nigeria. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this!

This is a time-consuming process; in worst-case scenarios, some of these parts may not be supplied on time or may be unavailable when required.

To avoid this, check sure the phone you’re about to buy has a repair center/phone accessory store where you can get all the spares and accessories you need, and that these locations are easily accessible.

Two Quick Pointers:

  • The availability of phone spare parts is one thing; understanding how much they cost is quite another. Even if your preferred brand’s accessories and replacement parts are widely available in your area, are they affordable? Some brands have more expensive parts than others. In comparison to its competition, the iPhone, most flagship Samsung phones feature extremely pricey screens.
  • Smartphone components are extremely inexpensive on AliExpress, but only if you are willing to wait. Items take a long time to arrive, however this can be sped up if you use a delivery provider like DHL.

6. Best Internet Service Provider

A phone without internet is the equivalent of a guy without a conscience. The internet is what gives a phone life; without it, your device is effectively dead! The majority of Android, iPhone, and Windows users can attest to this. So, before purchasing your next phone, research the best, cheapest, and most stable internet provider in Nigeria based on your location and preferred mobile network.

Take notice of network connectivity, as certain networks offer 4G and 5G internet access in specific areas of the country. So, while acquiring that device, make having phones with 4G or 5G a priority.

When you finally have your phone, there are a few low-cost data plans to choose from. The plans featured below are inexpensive, quick, and affordable.

7. Power Supply Availability

This is the last item on the list, yet we can’t dispute that electricity in many sections of the country is subpar. Most Android and other smartphones have witnessed a significant rise in battery capacity, owing to the numerous processes running on these devices at the same time.

Phones are increasingly being sold with higher-wattage chargers. This means that these phone chargers will charge significantly faster than standard chargers. I’ve already posted a post about the top battery life phones that you could find handy.

Final Thoughts

These are only seven things to think about before purchasing a new phone; these are purely my ideas and what I believe you should look for. If you follow the advice above, I am confident that your new phone will not disappoint you and that you will be quite pleased with it. I wish you luck in your search for that incredible phone.

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