7 Top-Paying Careers In Training And Development In Nigeria

The purpose of careers in training and development is to enable individuals to advance and realize their full potential. As a result, those working in this industry are responsible for providing others with the information and tools they need to overcome challenges and achieve their personal and professional objectives. Anyone can pursue a career in training and development, but to succeed in the field, one needs to possess certain skills, some of which include leadership abilities, empathy, effective communication, problem-solving abilities, active listening, motivational abilities, creativity, time management, and collaboration.

Careers In Training And Development

If you want to work in training and development but aren’t sure which direction to go in, read this. Check out each item on the list we’ve put together for you to discover which one best suits you:

1. Training Instructor

A training instructor plans learning opportunities for both groups and individuals and is in charge of delivering the training sessions. Additionally, a training teacher ensures that the classroom is engaging and promotes teamwork among the students. Making learning more interesting for students means giving them real-world examples that will enable them to use the knowledge effectively. An instructor may need to be adaptable in changing training tactics based on the requirements and skills of each learner given that students can be of various types. According to Glassdoor, a training teacher makes roughly NGN1M per year.

2. Public Speaker

You can interact with a variety of people through public speaking, and you may offer powerful training sessions and seminars. To motivate a group of workers, students, interns, or even executives, a public speaker can be hired. Being a public speaker demands you to persuade the audience of the training material you are presenting. To ensure that the participants are having a positive learning experience, you must also be able to hold their interest. Being a public speaker in the training and development industry gives you a ton of possibilities that can boost your professional awareness. A public speaker typically makes about NGN1 Million per year, according to payscale.

3. Training Director

Every firm has training and development strategies, and as a result, they hire someone qualified to oversee the organization’s training operations as well as design and implement learning initiatives that can foster employees’ professional development. In order to fulfill your duties as a director of training, you must supervise a group of training experts and make sure they make progress toward their objectives. Additionally, you might need to create a thorough training plan that takes into account the requirements of all staff levels and encourages a desire to grow and succeed. According to Glassdoor, the average yearly wage for workers in this field is roughly NGN 6M.

4. Personal Trainer

A solid professional lifestyle involves more than just education; it also involves taking care of your physical well-being. Personal trainers work one-on-one with clients to assist them in reaching their fitness objectives, enhancing their health, and establishing a healthier lifestyle, all of which will have a positive impact on their output and productivity at work. Personal trainers lay out a strategy to create realistic and doable fitness goals, and then develop a guide to attain the aims. While people may not be able to work around what’s best for their health, they can develop a guide to help them get there. According to salaryexplorer, an annual personal trainer pay is around NGN3M.

5. Training and Development Coordinator

All aspects of organizing training programs, from logistics to learning management systems, are handled by a training and development coordinator. They guarantee that the programs function flawlessly and that staff members receive all the assistance required for them to enjoy the learning experience. Additionally, the coordination encompasses managing the budget allotted for training and development as well as handling training materials, disseminating pertinent information, keeping training records, and managing training records. A training and development coordinator makes about NGN2.5 million annually, according to pay explorer.

6. Talent Developer

Identification, nurturing, and maximizing the potential of people within a company are the responsibilities of a talent developer. In this position, a person will create and present training curricula that are tailored to each talent and consistent with the goals of the firm. Developing highly capable individuals for future leadership roles and important roles can also fall under this category. As to worldsalaries, a talent development would make NGN3M year.

7. Training and Development Consultant

By offering direction and recommendations on what training to implement and development initiatives to pursue, a training and development consultant assists organizations in enhancing the performance, skills, and knowledge of their workforce. Other duties of a training and development consultant include spotting skills and knowledge gaps in the workforce, figuring out the organization’s training needs, delivering the program, and putting evaluation methods in place to gauge the effectiveness of the training initiatives and use the feedback to enhance subsequent initiatives. In Nigeria, a training and development consultant makes around NGN2M per year.

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