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Are you looking for the best platform to advertise your business in Nigeria? We can help you reach your targeted audience at cheaper rates. Our marketing team is ready to take your next campaign to a greater height.

We have ads spaces available on different sizes at An advantage we have over our competitors is large audience on social media.

Our Slot Ad Options & Prices

  • 300×250 (right side position): ₦30,000 or $80 per month.
  • 300 × 600 banner (right side position): ₦50,000 or $135 per month.
  • 738 × 90 banner (header near logo): ₦60,000 or $165 per month.
  • Text link ad below posts: ₦20,000 or $52 per month.
  • Sponsored Posted submitted to us: ₦20,000 or $52.
  • Sponsored Post written by us: ₦30,000 or $80.
  • Other Ad Slot and Position: Contact us.

Note the following guidelines

  1. All ad request should be sent to

  2. Payment are made through Bank deposit or Wire transfer

  3. You can request to pay either in Dollar($) or Naira(₦).

  4. All adverts should be delivered through e-mail.

  5. All banners adverts must be in jpg, jpeg or HTML code format.

If you need good & well design banner for you business at just ₦3000 only, contact us via