Advice to NYSC 2024 Prospective Corps Members

Even as we await the online upload of our senate list, now is an opportune time to complete your Covid-19 vaccination. NYSC has already issued a memo stating that vaccination is a prerequisite for entering the camp this year.

This implies that you either need to be vaccinated before entering the camp or have your vaccination card ready. The latter option is more convenient, and I advise taking the first dose, considering there’s a gap of weeks before the second dose.

While NYSC hasn’t specified that fully vaccinated PCM will be allowed, having received at least the first dose and possessing the card is sufficient.

It’s essential for everyone to consider that unforeseen opportunities may arise where you’ll need the vaccination card for access.

Lastly, be aware that attempting to forge this card/certificate is challenging, as it is computerized, and each person has a unique vaccination number.


Together, we are better informed.


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