Advice To NYSC 2022 Prospective Corps Members

Even as we await our senate list been uploaded online. This is a good time to get your Covid 19 vaccination done. NYSC already released a memo that vaccination is a requirement to enter into the camp this year.

This might means that, either you are vaccinated before entering into camp or your vaccination card is requested. The later is more convenient, and my little advice is that you take time and take the first dose as there is even space of weeks before you can be allowed to take the second dose.

NYSC has not said fully vaccinated pcm will be allowed but vaccinated which can be only 1st doses as long as you have the card.

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As generally for everyone you never know which opportunity might open up that you will need this card to access.

Lastly note that before the rush, this card/certificate is not easy to forge as this is computerized and everyone has its unique vaccination number.

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Together we are better informed.


Updated: January 17, 2022 — 2:40 pm

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