Africa International PGR Scholarships 2021-22

Kings College London Africa International PGR Scholarships: 3 complete scholarships offered for 2021/22 entry, to assist students coming in from Africa to carry out full-time doctoral research study degrees (PhD) at King’s College London.

Financing is quite simply to be had for as a good deal as four years. The problem of the PhD need to appears that evidently pertain to the continent of Africa.

Interdisciplinary tasks are specifically motivated, and all tasks need to fall at the crossway of 2 or more of the following disciplines:

a) Security, dispute, and peace: King’s College is well known worldwide for the research study of violent dispute, security, and peace. The School of Global Affairs and the School of Security Researches offer a series of programs that is of importance to Africa, with the African Management Centre providing specific attention on management research studies at the security-development nexus.

b) Global Health: Students studying in this field are exposed to a special global and interdisciplinary context covering wide fields such as health care partnership, worldwide surgical treatment, palliative care, maternal health, mucosal biology, worldwide health governance and policy, psychological health, ageing, cancer, oral health, diabetes, and other conditions, dispute and health, health and migration, environment and health.

c) Development: The research study of development at King’s College London spreads throughout a series of disciplines with a specific focus in the School of Global Affairs consisting of, advancement studies with reference to upcoming economies in the field of global development; environment, and development with a possibility to analyze catastrophes and adjustment in the Department of Geology; management and advancement at the African Leadership Centre.

d) Digital Innovation: Students in this field carry out research study into brand-new and emerging web innovations in the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences; and the various methods which digital innovations and approaches are changing society in King’s college’s leading Department of Digital Humanities.

Award Worth

The Scholarship covers:

  1. A yearly stipend: at the UKRI rate (this was set at £17,285 for the academic year 2021/22).

  2. An entire Universal charge for Tuition.

  3. Research Study Assistance Grant: as much as £5k/annually, depending upon the research study task.

Eligibility requirements

Prospects need to;

  1. Must be an African national and completely resident in the pertinent nation.

  2. Be accountable for tuition costs at the greater international/overseas rate.

  3. Strategize to begin a full-time MPhil/Ph.D. program at King’s College in the 2021-22 school year (from October 2021 with the deadline set at June 2022).

  4. Plan to carry out a research study that relates to Africa, at the crossway of 2 or more of the provided disciplines, as explained in the ‘Award Information’ area.

  5. Have actually applied for the scholarship at King’s College (as advised in the ‘Application Process’ area listed below) by the offered due dates.

  6. Get an admission offer for MPhil/Ph.D. program at King’s College London by 30 June 2021.

Please note: Existing postgraduate students are not qualified. The scholarship can not be hung on a part-time basis.

Also on the list of non-qualified candidates are the Professional doctorate degree holders.
Programs involving distance learning are not qualified.

The scholarship can not start prior to October 2021

Award conditions:

Please review the ‘Terms & Conditions of Financing 2021-22’ file for information about the conditions and terms. This can be found under ‘Terms & Conditions.

How to Apply

To submit a formal application please, Click Here to create an account with

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