AYLP ALIWA Youth Leadership Program 2021

Are you a young Nigerian with the attributes of leadership? If ‘yes’, then the AYLP ALIWA Youth Leadership Program 2021 is for you.

Interested applicants are called upon by ALI West Africa in conjunction with the Public Affairs Section U.S Embassy in Abuja.

The Youth Leadership program is scheduled to build leadership capacity, mobilize grassroot impact, and promote active citizenship amongst the youths at all levels.

Adopted Means of Running the AYLP ALIWA Youth Leadership Program 2021

The program will run for nine (9) months virtually. Participants will be grouped to aid effective discussions.

Moderate seminars will be held, as well as opportunities for each cohort.

The Program is structured into three (3) parts;

  • A three (3) months moderated seminars for ALIWA fellows (Introductory phase).
  • A three (3) months practical application of learning and skills. Here, individuals will be faced with personal or group projects, with proper supervision by mentors.
  • A three (3) months of moderated lectures/seminar for the purpose of reinforcing the previous activities held in the past months. This will aid participants’ lifelong awareness.


  1. Young adults between the age range of twenty to thirty (20-30) years.
  2. Possesses leadership potentials, and personal commitment at community level.
  3. Ability to engage in diverse and complex text.
  4. Readily available Nigerian applicants.
  5. Be willing to commit time and efforts towards the program’s curriculum.

How To Apply For AYLP ALIWA Youth Leadership Program 2021

Those interested and willing to apply can do so by visiting https://bit.ly/AYLP-PAS or click here.


Applicants are expected to submit the following while applying;

  1. A recent curriculum vitae (CV) with two (2) reference.
  2. An introductory video of just 2 minutes citing a challenge/problem in the society that is being looked into by you, and how the program will aid you in the quest of solving it.
  3. A personal statement in written format (Not more than two pages).

Application Closing Date

The deadline for interested applicants to complete the Application process is on the 7th of November, 2021.

For further enquiry, kindly send a mail to enquiries@aylp@ali-wa.net with the subject “AYLP-NG/PAS”.

Source: Nyscinfo

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