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Full Weekly Lagos-Ibadan Train Schedule

Lagos-Ibadan Train

The Lagos-Ibadan train service commenced full operations on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. The LITS facilitates 4 trips a day. Here’s the present schedule of trips at the Lagos-Ibadan Train Service: Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan Trips Weekdays (morning) Departure from Mobolaji Johnson Station, Alagomeji at 8.00 am Stop-over & take-off at  Babatunde Raji Fashola Station, […]

Top 10 Holiest Sites In Asia


Beliefs, rituals, ceremonies, and liturgies typically characterize the world of the supernatural, which exists beyond the physical realm. While the topic of the metaphysical may not come up frequently in discussions about why people travel, some travelers who hold these views nonetheless embark on these travels in search of a spiritual experience. So, from India’s […]

List of African Countries that Issue Electronic Visa (e-Visa)

African Countries

Following the introduction of the computerized visa system, the days of queuing at various embassies day and night for the purpose of obtaining an entry visa are quickly going away. We’ve put together a list of African countries that use electronic visa (e-visa) systems. Kindly note that the issuance of e-visa is  ‘electronically’. This is […]

Latest Prices Of Air Tickets From Lagos To Ghana 2022

Air Tickets

Air Tickets – Do you need to get from Lagos to Ghana as soon as possible? If that’s the case, flying travel is your best bet. It is no longer necessary to contact travel agents to book flights from Lagos to Ghana, thanks to technological advancements. You may simply purchase an airline ticket from the […]

Best Car Theft Insurance Companies In Nigeria 2022


First and foremost, you should be aware of the type of insurance that covers a stolen vehicle, which is comprehensive auto insurance companies. In Nigeria, this type of insurance is neither common nor required. It’s also not the same as third-party insurance. When you have comprehensive auto insurance, it covers the cost of your car […]

Ocean City Lagos –

Ocean City

Ocean City Lagos was inaugurated/launched in Lagos on Friday, December 17, 2021. The city is described as the Africa’s first green and smart city and newest man-made island, located off the Lagos coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The project was planned by the former President Obasanjo in 2003, but launched in 2021 by Ocean City […]

Your Complete Guide To Irish Student Visa In Nigeria

Irish Student Visa

In Autumn 2021, the Irish government reopened its borders and invited international students back. After nearly a year of virtual classes, overseas students will finally be able to study Ireland and participate in face-to-face learning as part of their curriculum. This makes the Emerald Isle an extremely appealing option for those interested in studying abroad. […]

4 Ways To Overcome Nigerian Passport Scarcity

Nigerian Passport

It’s embarrassing to constantly hear about traumatic stories or experiences of Nigerians attempting to obtain a new passport or reissue or, as it’s more commonly called, renew their Nigeria passport. We diligently explored four approaches to overcome the lack of Nigerian passport in this article. Because to the lack of passports in Nigeria, an increasing […]

Nigerian Immigration To Issue Passport On Weekends

Nigerian Immigration

Nigerian Immigration – To satisfy increased demand from applicants, the International Passport Office in Ikeja, Lagos, has begun operating on Saturdays and Sundays. Mrs Rose Bukar, the organization’s new Passport Control Officer, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Saturday that the extra role aimed to help applicants get their passports faster. […]

US Students Visa Application Portal Opens in November 24

US Students Visa Application Portal Opens

We are pleased to inform you that the United States Mission in Nigeria will open its visa application portal for international students with effect from Tuesday, November 24, 2021. According to the United States Mission in Nigeria, its operations would be expanded to serve the student population in Nigeria better, through a special procedure for […]