Does NYSC Pay 500k to Corpers that Marry among themselves?

Many people have been asking us this question “Does NYSC Pay 500k to Corpers that Marry among themselves?”

Nigerians like money so much. Once it’s something that has to do with money, you will see a lot of serious people being interested. I know a Corps member who planned to fake marriage with female colleague so as to get N500,000 from NYSC.

We’ve been receiving messages from people asking if NYSC still pay N500,000.00 to Corps members when they marry among themselves.

Well, we will treat this issue, so that you know what to expect from NYSC when you marry your fellow Corper.

You should understand that the main reason for NYSC scheme is to foster National unity. And, one way to achieve this is through inter tribal marriage.

Note: The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) encourages inter tribal marriage and can do anything to support it.

Does NYSC Pay 500k to Corpers that Marry among themselves?

Despite the fact that NYSC encourages inter tribal marriages, we’re not sure if the agency will pay/give N500,000.00 to Corpers that marry each other. We cannot exactly say they pay because there is no provision or official statement for that. The NYSC Direct General, in several occasions, urged Corps members to marry among themselves but he never stated that N500,000 will be given to them.

When I (Humphery) was serving in Abia State, I made several attempts to get answer from our State Coordinator. She always preach us to marry our colleagues. But each time we ask her if NYSC pays N500,000 as incentive, she would decline to give an answer.

There are several Corps members who got married to their colleagues during active service but they’re yet to tell us if anything is given to them.

So, since there is no harm in trying, you can proceed to marry your fellow Corps member to see if NYSC will give you N500,000. Please, don’t forget to come here and drop your comment after your wedding.

Note: The marriage must be inter tribal marriage between two Corps members (Male and Female).

Does NYSC Pay 500k to Corpers that Marry among themselves

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