FG Extends Npower Nexit Loan Training Deadline

According to information received by us, the Npower Nexit Training Confirmation Deadline, which had been set for February 4, 2022, has been extended in order to allow more beneficiaries to confirm their training status.

This was revealed by the Npower Volunteers’ National Vice President. According to him, the obstacles and deductions that occur while dialing the NSIP Service code *45665#, which was related to the ministry, are now known, as he stated to you yesterday and the day before.

The following are the responses he received, according to him:

  • The ministry is not in charge of implementation, despite the fact that it is the ministry that may easily reach out to volunteers, as the SA on media to the Hon. Minister did.
  • The NSIP service code was temporarily disabled due to widespread glitches and costs, but it has now been reinstated.
  • Approximately 35, 000 candidates have been confirmed so far.
  • The idea for utilizing the code so far has been to allow users with smaller phones to register without needing to go to a cafe or use Android phones.
  • The exercise is not intended to be costly in any way, and there will be no fees associated with it going forward. (the outsourcing company is issued a standing order).
  • The original deadline of tomorrow, Friday, April 4th, has passed. There will be enough time to register once the USSD code is restored.

Source: Nyscinfo

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