Fidelity Bank Launches 4 New Loan Schemes

If you are a Small Scale Enterprise (SME) or a Medium and Small Scale Enterprise (MSME) owner in Nigeria, an exciting opportunity that will boost your business and take it to the height that you desire is coming your way. It is definitely an exhilarating time to be a business owner aspiring for growth in Nigeria. Because we know that this article is very important to the growth of your business, we advise you to take full advantage of your click on this link by reading this article to the end in order to get the full information about the three new kinds of loan that Fidelity Bank has launched for Nigerian business.

Note that this article is about Fidelity bank Nigeria, SMEs, MSMEs and the launch of new loan schemes for various levels of business.

The management of Fidelity Bank PLC has launched three new types of loan schemes to support Small Scale Enterprise (SME) and Medium and Small Scale Enterprise (MSME) to expand businesses in Nigeria.

This was disclosed recently by the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank PLC, Nneka Onyeali who was speaking at a webinar, themed ‘Funding and Financial Management for SMEs’.

She said this was part of Fidelity Bank’s mission to offer taking part MSMEs with expert guidance on how to manage their businesses in the current era of devastating effects of the cOVID-19 pandemic.

Well, it was not surprising that over 600 Nigerians were at the webinar, and most of the attendees were people seeking the much-needed ability for long-term business growth and entrepreneurial success via an avenue targeted offerings.

It is also important to state that Fidelity Bank is the first commercial bank in Nigeria to establish an SME radio called Fidelity SME Radio Forum, where knowledge is shared on Instagram Live programmes for SMEs.

What are the Four (4) New Loan Schemes Launched by Fidelity Bank PLC?

Yes, we expected you to ask, and we have the answer right here, in this article. Fidelity Bank PLC launched four new loan schemes for SMEs and MSMEs in Nigeria. These include:

1) Cluster-Based Quick Loan,

2) Commercial Support Overdraft Loan,

3) Specialized MSMEs Loan,

4) Development Finance Loan,

There, you have them. These four types of loans were created in order to provide easy and greater access to finance for businesses that require more funding to expand more.

How to Apply for Fidelity Bank PLC Loans

This article informed you of the four new loan schemes launched by Fidelity Bank PLC. In our subsequent articles, we will discuss, one after the other, all that you must know about the new loan types, requirements and how to apply. For now, you can visit for more information.

Source: Nyscinfo

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