Fmard Pays Enumerators’ FMARDPace AFJP Farmers Grant

The FMARDPace Agric For Food and Job Plan has begun, and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) has started paying the Enumerators their outstanding compensation (AFJP).

After a very lengthy time of constant agitation, the payment that started on Friday saw some of the enumerators smile home with hundreds of thousands of Naira.

Some of the enumerators complained that the Ministry had underpaid them since the quantity of labor they completed for the AFJP Farmers Project was not comparable with the few thousand Naira they were given.

The current payment, according to a breakdown of the Payment provided by the Enumerators in anticipation of full compensation, is for work completed between March 2021 and December 2021.

As they wait for payment for Soil Sampling and “Full payment,” which accounts for roughly 50% of the Previous Payments, the Enumerators reaffirmed that they anticipate receiving additional credit alerts into their bank accounts.

Remember that the AfJP project explicitly stated that the Enumerators would receive N500 for each successfully uploaded and accepted “workdone” in two installments: the first half of earnings would be paid at the end of each week, and the second half would be paid in full one month after the project’s completion while planning for legal action.

All payments are being made to the enumerators as overdue Payments due to the Ministry’s former administration’s jiggery-pockery, which caused a significant delay in payment.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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