Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition For Undergraduate Students 2023

The Francis Ibhawoh Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its annual essay competition, which aims to engage undergraduate students in meaningful, constructive discourse. This year, we’re addressing the critical issue of continuous strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions and brainstorming viable solutions.

The theme of the 2023 Essay Competition is “Incessant Strikes in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions and How to Address Them.” The widespread strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions considerably impair our nation’s youth’s academic progress, resulting in considerable setbacks in their overall development. It’s a problem that requires our attention, and we believe it’s critical to come up with creative solutions in order to provide a stable, favorable learning environment for our kids.

Aim of Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition

  • To provide monetary assistance for undergraduate students
  • To reward, promote and encourage academic excellence
  • To promote the attainment of educational goals
  • To augment the cost of education in tertiary institutions and make higher education more accessible
  • To engage university students in discussions about community and national development

Benefits of Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition

This competition provides candidates with more than simply the ability to express their thoughts and ideas. It’s also your chance to win a N100,000 cash prize, a certificate of achievement, and vital networking chances with renowned researchers, education experts, and professionals from a variety of fields.

Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition Qualification Requirements

We’re inviting undergraduate students from all disciplines studying in tertiary institutions in Edo State to participate in this competition. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face. We encourage participants to delve deep into the causes, consequences, and implications of strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions, and to propose effective strategies for sustainably addressing this issue.

Interview date, Process and Venue


  • Entries are accepted between March and June (exact dates each year may vary slightly)
  • Annual review of all qualified entries commences on June 30 
  • Screening Committee makes recommendations to Board on/before July 15 
  • Board Selection process is concluded by July 15 each year
  • Scholarship is awarded annually on July 15

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Francis Ibhawoh Foundation on to apply

For more details, visit Francis Ibhawoh Foundation website

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