Easiest Way Nigerians Can Migrate to Germany As Skilled Workers

Germany, the most industrialised country in Europe and the world’s fourth largest economy, is currently in need of a trained workforce from outside the European Union. Here, we outline the most straightforward path to becoming a skilled worker in Germany. This is the greatest time for you to be a part of Germany’s new development, which is a real chance for everyone interested in permanent relocation or staying in a friendly country like Germany as skilled workers.

Requirements for Relocation to Germany

The following are the requirements for relocating to Germany.

  1. For everyone who is competent to work in Germany. You won’t need to apply for a work visa, which might be tough to come by in Germany. A mechanism called a job seeker visa is in place that allows you to travel to Germany. Simply put, you apply for a job seeker visa at a German embassy overseas and then fly to Germany. Once there, you are free to look for a job that you know you are qualified for.
  2. Because you have a job seeker visa, you are allowed to stay and look for work for six months, which is the visa’s duration. If you succeed, you may not need to return to Germany to complete a work visa, which is essentially a formality because you have a job offer from a German firm. To get a German residency permit, go to your local foreigner authority and fill out an application.

Requirements for Qualification for Germany Skilled Worker

  • Any immigrant from outside the European Union who wants to work in Germany as a skilled worker must have a university degree or equivalent in a profession relevant to German industrial demands.
  • Professional credentials or degrees must be in accordance with or consistent with German authorities and recognised.
  • To be eligible for the visa, the applicant must have a minimum of five years of post-graduate work experience.
  • You’ll need an international passport that’s valid for at least a year.
  • The applicant should have a basic travel allowance that will cover the duration of their stay in Germany.
  • All COVID 19 immunizations must be completed, and you must have the relevant vaccination certificates. Important: Make sure you have travel insurance that covers your time in Germany.

Other Documents

In addition to the qualifications and documentation listed above, you will need the following documents to apply for and obtain a job seeker visa:

  • Your detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A written statement explaining why you’re applying for a job seeker visa, the type of job you’re qualified for, and your secondary career goals, such as more training if you can’t find the proper position.
  • Your foreign passport’s data page
  • Evidence of a reservation for a hotel room in Germany
  • 3 passport-sized pictures with biometric information.

You will send these to the German mission or visa application centre in your place of residency once they have been compiled.

It is vital to note that you should not submit your Visa application if your degree or credentials are not recognised or if you do not meet the requirements.

Please keep in mind that all members of the Skilled Workforce must enrol and be fluent in German.

If you’re unsure or having trouble in a certain area, you should consult with an expert job recruiter.

Available Skilled Jobs in Germany

These are the areas where a Skilled Workforce is required most urgently:

  1. Medical Professionals
  2. Professionals in the field of nursing and related healthcare services
  3. Gerontologists are nurses that specialise in caring for the elderly.
  4. Plumbers, welders, electricians, pipefitters, and toolmakers are among those who work in the construction industry.
  5. Engineers from several fields – mechanical, electrical, and automotive engineering
  6. Software engineers/developers, programmers, and other IT professionals
  7. Management of supply and waste.
  8. Ex-Stem-Cell Workers
  9. Graduates of Science and Technology, as well as those with a mathematics degree,
  10. Truck drivers, for example.


The Skilled Workforce is desperately needed in all of these sectors, and because the majority of the professionals are in crucial fields, the authorities will not mind if they come from outside the European Union.

Source: Nyscinfo

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