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Giveaway Post: 5 Persons To Win N1k Each (August 7)

Today’s Giveaway topic is on federal government loan! Answer the following question.

Get Federal Government Loan for Business Startup => See Here!

*If the Federal Government gives your NGN 300,000 loan, how would you spend it?

Follow the instructions below to win 1k:

  1. Drop your answer in the comment section below.

  2. Five (5) Answers/Comments that get the highest number of ‘likes’ wins N1k each.

  3. You must comment with your real name as it appears on your bank account.

  4. Do not write your account number or phone number in your comment – automatic disqualification!

  5. Do not reply to anyone’s comment, drop your fresh comment or else your entry won’t be considered.

  6. Winners are to be announced on August 8 by 5pm, and further instructions to your winning prize will be shown..

  7. Winners will be published on our Facebook page and the evidence of payments.

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Good luck!

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  1. Amazu Benjamin Markus


    Amazu Benjamin Markus
    Based on my passion for Animals as an experience Animal Productionist, If bein lucky of having 300k from the Gov. I will surely invest on my Rabbitery and Piggery business bcos they are highly prolific i.e (Rabbits 18females & 2males while Pigs 4 females & 1male) & within few months I can have twice the capital bcos I have a ready market for them at high demand around me. Thank u.

  2. Osho Gideon babatunde


    My name is Osho Gideon Babatunde if I am given the said loan I will use it to set up a veterinary drug store which has been my dream since I graduated

  3. Ezechukwuemeka Solomon


    Ezechukwuemeka Solomon
    I will use to to boost my logistics ND delivery business, I will use 100k to buy another bike to add to the ones I have and use the remaining 200k to start up a provision store or a pig farm is the fastest growing business in my village and most places in the east

  4. Buhari Mohammed Abubakar


    Give me 300k and I go add small money and buy Peugeot 206 dey Cruze small. Life no suppose dey hard jare!

  5. Isaac udoh wisdom


    If I’ll will be lucky to get the loan, i will ues it and buy Keke madua for business because I’m using renting one for now.

  6. Lucky Agbarhare


    If been given N300,000 by the government, I will use it to start up my own pos business,

  7. Muhammed Abdulsamad kani


    My name is muhammed Abdulsamad kani I will use the money to improve my business, I will also use it to buy 3 sewing machines and employed people.



    I’m ACHIMUGU JOY OJOACHE by name. If the federal government gives me #300,000.00 loan, I will make proper use of it by upgrading my computer centre for more network service operations to attract more customers. Thank you.

    • Kasim Salim


      Good evening my name is kasim Salim,I will be very grateful if I can receive the #300,000 so I can start my fashion design work,and get a store so I can earn and pay back the loan

  9. Ajinomoh Godwin


    With 300k I will use it to start a poultry business. I already did alot of training on it. I will in turn train others for free to avert casualties in their poultry business and make them self sufficient. Which will in turn save them from the snares of poverty and idlesness. Bkos job no dey anywhere😂😂😂

  10. Abejide Victor


    I’ll start up a computer centre

  11. Ogwaje ochoyebo


    I will use the money to invest more in my rice farm, I have been looking for where to borrow money before it will be of a great advantage to me.



    With 300k, I will buy fairly used KEKE NAPEP(Tricycles) I use it around University side and Polytechnic. Every passing of an hours I will be giving my cash even to pay back the loan even before the expected time.



    If am giving that opportunity, I will locate a shop near the school environment that the registration and rent is #50k, I will like to invest #150k in POS business because is the fastest Business now, I will buy charger’s and sucker at the rate of 50k and start charging phones and the left over 50k I will use it to buy Generator to start up the business because I need electricity. Charging of phone and POS business is good because someone must charge and someone must need money.
    I pray I win
    The for the opportunity
    If I don’t win I will still learn ideas from the winners



    My Name Is Tijani JAMIU Adeshina. I will use it to buy Bitcoin, so that I can see more money to invest. Because#300,000 is not enough to start business. Thanks

  15. Obioha uchechi patience


    I am obioha uchechi patience and if am opportuned to be among the beneficiaries of the federal government 300,000 loan. I will expand my online recharge card and data subscription business by renting a shop for easy location and getting a good printing machine for easy marketing to enable me sell both online and offline to the wholesalers and retailers and I can also start up my baking business in the same shop since I have an excellent skill in baking, this will give double income with less stress and will enable me train other interested entrepreneurs

  16. Edidiong Udoh


    With 300k, I will use it to start a lundry business

  17. Ophrote Prince


    If am being given 300k loan from federal government, I will first give God 10% because that’s my believe, then I will invest into my communication business (Banking Agency and sales of network recharge cards).
    My names are OPHROTE PRINCE O.
    I’m Prince a Friend of God

  18. Lisa Ikyernum


    My name is Lisa Mngueshima Ikyernum, if I’m given 300k. I will start a POS business because I already have experience and a strategic position to for the business

  19. Abubakar Mohammed Baba


    I am already in the business of selling phone accessories, POS, And Recharge card. If I have opportunity of this loan i will boost my business to the next step and later create more shop and put more people in the shop.

  20. Darlington Kelechi Uguru


    I will use it to develop my dream business which is flemzynice Classic Designer, first I will register my business name (CAC),then get my TIN(tax identification number)and my vat, then I will rent a shop, buy sewing machine nd waving machine, it maybe fairly use so it will reduce the cost, I will buy generator, table for cutting fabric, iron for ironing the material, chairs for customers nd for working, then I will buy image to sample some of my designer to attract more customers, then employ one or two persons to help me in doing the work. With time it will grow and become international business, which will compete globally.

  21. Ogunkunle temitope David


    Ogunkunle temitope David
    I will start a POS business. Firstly I have to meet any of the commercial banks and do the necessary registration to get the POS machine 15k. Then a mini wooden kiosk, 40k, then the remaining balance is to start the business proper.

  22. Ahmed Abubakar


    Having followed my mom from child hood through her petite- trading, till I graduated. I will simply expand her business and bring my energy & innovation while she brings her experience & wisdom. We form a partnership and see how far it goes.

  23. Muhammad Kagbara Musa


    Good morning
    Nutrition diseases is claiming so much lives and leaving families in distress, those who seek for cure fall in to the hands of the unqualified health workers, If I’m given N300,000 by Federal government,I will rent an office and start a nutrition counselling service to save people suffering from chronic nutritional diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension,Cancer,Obesity and other nutritional diseases.
    This will help SDGs goal number 3.
    I will be grateful if the loan is given to me.
    Thank you.

  24. MAJI Shedrack


    If was oppoturne to get #300,000 loans.
    1. I will marry one wife from North
    2.i will also marry my second wife east.
    3. Marry third wife from middle belt
    The remaining balance will be use to buy one he goat and she goat.
    Federal government will thank me later

  25. Masho bamaiyi


    If I’m given 300,000 first of all I would use 200,000 to invest in farming of yam, cassava and maize so that there will availability of food in my country nigeria.and the remaining 100,000 I will use it to buy food items for IDP’s place so that their lives will sustained.

  26. Ibrahim isiaka ige


    I’m IBRAHIM ISIAKA IGE by name,as an agricultural gradute, if I were given loan from federal government, as we all know before they can give you that type of money, you already have a good business plan. Once they give me that kind of money, what i have to do is to execute my plans.

    I have a great passion for self reliance, creating Job opportunities and seeing an idea start and materialize. I have a great passion for raising chickens and fish farm. Once federal government give me that type of loan,the next thing is to start my business.

  27. Marshal Nkom Ishaya


    With 300,000 I will construct a poultry pen/house with 100,000, divide the house/pen into two then stock one side with layers of 30k and the other part with broilers of 20k. I will use 150k for treatment and feeding. I will sell my broilers every 7 to 8 weeks, by one year I will make another 300k or more.

  28. Ibrahim umar


    I will use it to start up my dream business, because this current situation in our country self employed is the only solution

  29. Oladiti Damilola Felix


    300k the exact budget for my proposed POS wasting of time.

  30. Ibrahim Umar


    I will use the money to start a business of my dream, I’m always praying to get the loan so that i can get a way to help my self and family thanks

  31. Daodu Sunday Busola


    Loan is loan I will use The loan for what i apply loan for eg apply loan for upgrading of business, because I will pay back the loan if I disuse the found no place to get the money back

  32. Usa Abigail Nguamo


    If federal Government gives me 300,000 in this very season August 2021 I will spent 200,000 for maize/cassava farm,50,000 for Bambara but farm & 50,000 for expenses.

  33. Alpha Gambo Aduwak


    Good morning sir. If federal government should give me #300000,I will use #200000,to buy fresh ginger and farm. As its the leading cash crop in my region. Then the remaining #100000 will be use to also buy palm oil seeds for planting too. Thank you.

  34. Usen-obong Michael Isaiah


    Nigerian money can’t buy anything meaningful except fufu. Small time now, even the fufu will be price in dollar😀. Anyways your 1k is worth more than 33k from FGN. Ask corpers 🤛

  35. Salaudeen Noah Rotimi


    If I wass given the #300k by FGN, I gonna use it to buy cryptocurrencies (DOGECOIN). It’s gonna appreciate and I gonna make huge profit from it.

  36. Mubarak Abiola Oladuntoye


    I would use it to augment my fishing business



    I have already get a shop and little soft drinks am selling I will add to my goods and get a deep freezer that can be use for chilling the drinks, again out of the money I will get POS for better business operations.. then any small change that remains is to keep for emergency use…. I pray the money come..

    • Aliyu rabiu dalhat


      I actually have a huge opportunities and spending plan on my business and my business is provision which need a lot money for running the business. I will spend it well on buying a huge of goods and resale at market for better profits. This is why I need a federal government loan.

  38. Muktafi Yakubu


    I have passion an experience of running cuber café, so, I will use that money to invest in the Business.

  39. Salaudeen Noah Rotimi


    If the #300k was give to me by FGN, I will use it to buy Dogecoin. It will appreciate in the nearest future and gonna make huge profit from there.

    • Muhammad Kagbara Musa


      Good morning
      Nutrition diseases is claiming so much lives and leaving families in distress, those who seek for cure fall in to the hands of the unqualified health workers, If I’m given N300,000 by Federal government,I will rent an office and start a nutrition counselling service to save people suffering from chronic nutritional diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension,Cancer,Obesity and other nutritional diseases.
      This will help SDGs goal number 3.
      I will be grateful if the loan is given to me.
      Thank you.

  40. Onu Emmanuel


    I will start up my fishery business
    I have laid out plans but no income to start it with

  41. Bernard Bassey Jackson


    If Government give me N300,000. I will use it and start up a business which is poultry farm.

    I will buy 12 cartoons of fish, buy their food like 20 bags because within three months, they will be due for selling.

    I have a nice place that my dad used before in fish pond.

    I will reconstruct and channel water to it so that I can change it weekly.

    With this, I will also be an employer of labour.

  42. Emmanuel olorunleke Oloruntoba


    If the government give me a three hundred thousand naira loan i will spend it depending on the duration of the loan
    If it is a long term loan(2-3 years) i will spend it by investing in my skills which is laundry and dry cleaning, get the equipments, create fliers and market the business
    If its is a short term loan (1 year) i will invest it in a mutual fund such as agrobusiness or real estate which pays 40-70% at the end of the year

  43. Ilorah Emmanuel


    I’ll invest the money in snail or fish farming. I’ll start small and then pick up from there. The demand for the products especially catfish is on the increase

  44. Eze Chiemela Veronica


    Goodmorning Sir, if federal Government gives me ₦300,000, I will use it and buy 120 birds capacity battery cage(150,000) for my layers as my birds keeps coming down with coccidiosis as a result of contact with their faeces also I will buy poultry feed for my birds with the remaining 150,000. Due to high cost of poultry feed most farmers are finding it difficult to stay in business. This will help me cushion the effect of high cost of feed. Thank you.

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