Green Agribusiness Fund (GAF) for Young Africans

The Green Agribusiness Fund (GAF) is a special initiative created to aid young African farmers. GAF scheme, actually supports firms that are socially responsible in the Agribusiness sector around Africa, with reasonable investment.

The major aim of the initiative is to build a strong generation of Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural sector who will in turn promote the sector in Africa by creating jobs, improve the living standard of Africans, and ensuring food security in the continent.

Entrepreneurs in the sector who are into climate smart farming, seed and soil improvement, post harvest loss, Agro commodity trading, urban farming, and agtech are mostly promoted.

Selection Process For GAF 2021

  • Submitted applications will be scrutinized by a group of expert.
  • Entrepreneurial skills, feasibility, financial stand, gender balance, growth mindset, scalability, collaboration skills, sustainability, level of resources attraction, among others will be used to judge applications.
  • In the pilot stage three (3) persons each will be selected from Nigeria and Rwanda.
  • Financial records, Means of Identification, and other necessary documents will be submitted by qualified applicants.
  • There will be an opportunity for those who won’t make it in this current edition to apply in the consecutive editions.

How to Apply Green Agribusiness Fund

1. All interested persons are eligible to apply, without being charged to pay for the application process.

2. There will be uploading of documents online.

3. Undermining the fact that the registration is being done online, there could still be physical interview.

4. A follow up email is meant to send after completion of the online registration to all applicants.

The official portal to begin registration is

Date For Application: The application process will start from on the 1st of July 2021.

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