High-Paying Online Gigs To Look Forward To In 2022

The Nigerian economy is now in a precarious position. Every day, the economy worsens, and the country’s population grows, leaving a large number of graduates jobless on the streets. This article will discuss High-Paying Online Gigs To Look Forward in 2022.

People who are lucky enough to acquire a job are usually underpaid. It is absolutely acceptable to have a second source of income if you have an 8-to-5 job; it does not make you a dishonest or greedy employee.

Side hustles are a way for you to supplement your income. Though the money you generate from your side business won’t instantaneously make you wealthy, it will allow you to meet your basic necessities and alleviate financial stress.

Everything has become easier thanks to the internet. You don’t have to physically juggle two (or more) jobs or businesses since you can easily pick up a side gig and satisfy its expectations from the comfort of your own home.

Here are several side hustles you might engage in to supplement your income.

Real Estate

Simply by linking property owners with buyers or tenants, you may earn 10% of the price of renting or purchasing a home. Given that property prices range from hundreds to millions of dollars, you may work full-time and yet make a fortune in real estate.

People in Lagos, for example, are always seeking for a new house to rent or a new property to buy. As a real estate agent, you may earn a commission by assisting individuals in finding new homes. To get started, all you’ll need is some research and legwork. By doing the legwork, you may differentiate yourself from local real estate brokers who are still constrained to traditional means of advertising by reaching out to a bigger internet audience.

Content Creating

Another side business that many young people engage in is content production. They use a variety of social media channels to generate intriguing and humorous material. This material attracts visitors to their website, increasing their chances of landing business agreements. Business owners pay a lot of money to have their companies promoted on these pages since it increases their exposure. Mark Angel, Taooma, Maraji, and Mr. Macoroni are some of Nigeria’s most well-known skit makers. These individuals have carved out a place for themselves with their hilarious skits. The cost of placing an advertisement on their page ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000.


Being a blogger today pays well, thanks to the advent of internet advertising. All you have to do with blogging is increase your following, and major businesses will come knocking at your door.

Production of goods

Another business you may start is product manufacturing. Product development is also a lucrative business, since many women are increasingly entering the skincare industry. People will rush to patronize you once your product is shown to be successful. Anyone who has no clue what to make or how to make it may acquire lessons online or attend physical training to learn all they need to know about how to build these things.

Liquid soap, skincare treatments, and detergents are examples of things you can make. Those who work in the skincare industry should pay close attention to diverse skin types and recognize that there are different products for different skin types in order to prevent harming people’s skin and damaging their brand.

Uber Service

The uber company has been a profitable one in Nigeria since its inception. Determined drivers may earn up to 20,000 dollars in a single day, which adds up to a substantial sum when multiplied over a week. The company is more profitable in places such as Abuja and Lagos. For the working class, you may limit yourself to doing business solely on weekends and still make close to N40,000 each month.

Designing Graphics

Businesses strive to distinguish themselves from the competition by establishing and maintaining a brand. As a result, designing as a side business is really appealing. If you’re a competent designer, this may be a great way to supplement your income.


Drop shipping is creating an online store where you may advertise items and services, get orders, and transfer the orders to the manufacturer, who will ship the product straight to the customers. It’s a highly successful business since all you have to do is set up an internet presence, market the company, submit orders to the wholesaler, and get your commission.

Hair, clothing, accessories, and cosmetics are among items you may sell as a drop shipper. Having a basic understanding of digital marketing will offer you an advantage since it will allow you to track your target market. You may also use Shopify, Oberlo, or Flutterwave Platform to create a more traditional online store.

Freelance Writing

Another approach to supplement your income is to write articles. There are companies in Nigeria and other nations which outsource their material. A competent writer will be able to take advantage of such an occasion. There are also places where you may join up to acquire a writing job online. Some of these platforms are free to use; all you have to do is look for them and join up for them.

Blog owners who don’t have enough time to update their material on a regular basis, people in need of copywriters, and those in need of professional writers who can create thesis and dissertations, CVs, and business plans are all people you may write content for.

Source: Nyscinfo

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