How To Apply And Obtain Norway Student Visa In Nigeria

Do you want to know how to obtain a Norway  student visa in Nigeria? Perhaps you’ve applied before, but it was denied, leaving you to wonder what went wrong. You need to be here, and this article was written with you in mind. You may learn everything you need to know and complete all the steps necessary to apply for a student visa to Norway here. Make sure you finish reading to learn everything you need to know about how to apply for a student visa to Norway from Nigeria.

What Is Norway Student Visa ?

Aspiring students who wish to enter Norway with the primary intention of studying may be granted a Norway student visa. You must submit an application for a student residency permit in Norway if your course of study lasts more than three months. If you can demonstrate that you’ll return to your native country after completing your studies, the residence permit will only be issued. This permission prevents you from working and is valid while you are enrolled in classes.

Reasons To Study In Norway

  • Happy Students

Due to its bustling cities and vivacious, hilarious inhabitants, Norway is the preferred destination for the majority of international students. The people of Norway are generally content, and they find it simple to get along with and live among them.  A source claims that Norway was the country with the highest international student satisfaction rate in 2016.

  • Tuition-free Universities

All public universities are tuition-free. The majority of courses are free, even if certain programs could ask you to pay a small fee. In order to enroll in a private university in Norway, you must pay tuition.

  • Awe-Inspiring Scenery

Norway is breathtakingly gorgeous. The terrain, coastline, forests, midnight sun, mountains, Kittiwakes, Northern light, and other attractions make Norway a sight to behold. The four seasons in Norway are usually intense, which makes the weather a magnificent experience for international students.

  • Social System

Norway’s social system has been ranked one of the best in the world. The system does not single out anyone; it provides for everyone in Norway. Norway has everything under control, from public healthcare to unemployment.

  • Language

Almost everyone in Norway, especially at universities, speaks English. English is one of the most commonly used languages in universities and cities in general. Primary school students in Norway are required to learn English, which has made it easier for Norwegians to speak proficient English.

  • Living Conditions

If you want to improve your standard of living, you should probably study in Norway. Norway has consistently been regarded as one of the greatest places to live in terms of health, food, cost of living, and safety. Why would anyone not want to live in such a place? You can learn to eat Norwegian specialties, which are less expensive and will reduce the amount of money you spend on food every day.

Furthermore, transportation is readily available at all hours of the day. So, even if you live off campus, going to school every day will be a breeze.

  • Fish Fun

Every year, the fishing sector in Norway expands; fishing is one of their indigenous occupations. Famous fishes such as mackerel, salmon, and others can be found in plenty in Norwegian supermarkets.

You will not be sorry for studying in Norway. It is one of the world’s most academically advanced, happiest, nicest, most intriguing countries.

Nigeria Students In Norway

Nigeria has sent a large number of students to Norway in recent years, and the number continues to climb. It is unsurprising that Nigerian students leave the country to study in Norway. Apart from the high academic standards in Norway, the community of Nigerian students in Norway is large enough to inspire eager students wishing to study abroad to choose Norway as their destination for a solid and good education.

Nigerian students account for approximately 35% of African students in Norway, placing it second only to South Africa. There are many Nigerian students in Norway who can help you and relate to you.

Requirements For Norway Student Visa For Nigerian Citizens

When applying for Norway student residence permit you must submit the following documents:

  • International passport with at least three months validation.
  • Boidata page copy of your international passport.
  • Letter of admission sent by your chosen institution
  • Two passport photographs
  • Cover letter
  • Health/medical insurance. Please click here to order for your health insurance.
  • Return ticket arrangements proof.
  • Proof of housing or hotel reservation.
  • Birth certificate

Step By Step Instruction On How To Apply For Norway Student Visa In Nigeria

1. Register online

Before you can apply for a student visa to Norway, you must first register online. For visa applications, online registration is required.  Go to the online application portal and register, then click on the application form and properly fill it out. If your course lasts longer than three months, remember to apply for a student residency permit.

2. Fill And Submit The Application

Submit your application to one of the vfs global centers in Abuja or Lagos. You can also deliver it to the Norwegian Embassy in Abuja. Bring all supporting documents to the application center. At the visa application center, your biometric information will be collected.

3. Application tracking

After you submit your application, you must check its progress so that you know when to go to pick up your passport.

How To Schedule An Interview For A Student Visa To Norway

There is no need to schedule an interview while applying for a Norway student visa in Nigeria. All you need to do is complete the application form and return it to the vfs global center.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, applying for a Norwegian student visa in Nigeria is not difficult. Simply follow the procedures outlined above, and you will be glad you did. If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply for a Norway student visa, you can take our eligibility test to find out.

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