How to Apply for Access Bank Advance for School Fees Study Loan

This post will show you how to apply for the Access bank Advance for School Fees loan. Access bank has different loan products for different categories of people and businesses, but our focus in this article will be strictly based on how you can apply and get Advance for School Fees Loan 2021/2022 to fund the education of your children as a parent or guardian.

We know that your children’s education is very important to you that is why we decided to do a robust article on how you can fund their studies through the Access bank Advance for School Fees Loan. In this article, you will learn about the documents that are required, the features of the Advance for School Fees Loan, and how it works.

Advance for School Fees

The Advance for School Fees loan product offers parents and guardians short-term funding to take care of tuition fees for their children or wards. Also, it can be used to finance undergraduate, postgraduate study, and professional examinations.

Loan Features

• The repayment plan is spread over a period of 4 to 6 months.
• The interest rate is 18% per annum.
• The management fee is 1%.
• Credit life insurance is charged 0.5%.
• The application process is very easy and fast.
• The disbursement of loan is fast.
• The school fees are easily remitted to the school.

Documents Required

• Loan Application Form

• Admission letter

• Tuition Bill

• Executed Term sheet

• Promotion or Confirmation letter

• Offer letter

• Letter of set-off

• Credit checks

• Valid identity card

• Attestation Document

• Bank statement/Pay slips (for new customers)

How to Apply for Access Bank Advance for School Fees Study Loan

  • Download the attached form online and fill it with correct information.
  • Scan your signature and append it to the appropriate field on the form.
  • Email your completed for and all necessary documents to
  • The team will access the form and begin the processing.
  • Once your loan request is approved, you will receive a letter confirming your offer of loan.
  • Once you receive and confirm the offer, your loan will be disbursed immediately into the concerned school account.
  • Upon the successful disbursement, proceed to present the transaction receipt at the school.

Alright! That is simply all about the Advance for School Fees loan. For further information, you can visit Access bank’s official loan portal at

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