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How To Apply For N5,000 RRR Cash Transfer In Nigeria 2021



Many people will be surprised by seeing the RRR acronym linked to cash transfer. Well, that is because they probably have not heard about the Federal Government intervention with this code name until now. But, that you don’t know about this may mean that you have missed a lot of opportunities in this regard.

What is RRR Cash Transfer?

The Rapid Response Register, known instead as RRR, is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, concentrated on urban and semi-urban areas that are economically impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

The group for which this intervention was designed are the poor and venerable people who have not benefited through the ongoing National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP). Also, the poor in urban and semi-urban areas will also be covered in this scheme.

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Before we discuss the application process, it is important to let you know that a scientific satellite remote sensory technology will be deployed to detect the target category of Nigerians for this program.

How to Apply for the N5,000 RRR Cash Transfer

If you want to apply for this cash transfer initiative of the Federal Government which is being supervised by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, you can visit the official webpage at

What Time Should I Expect the N5,000 RRR Cash Transfer?

Well, this money will be paid into your account. Therefore, you are expected to have and maintain an active bank account to enable the government to transfer the money directly into your account. The RRR cash transfer is not done through a third-party. So get your account ready.

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Is this Cash Transfer Real?

Yes, it is real, as many people have testified to receiving their own cash transfer in the personal bank account. Moreover, the Vice president of Nigeria is fully involved in this and, as such, something that he is involved in cannot be fake.

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