How To Become A Spy Police In Nigeria

Joining the Supernumerary Police in Nigeria can be a rewarding experience if you want to serve your country while also ensuring the safety and security of your community. The Supernumerary Police, sometimes known as Spy Police, are a support group or auxiliary squad that assists Nigeria’s regular police force in maintaining peace. Supernumerary Police or Spy Police in Nigeria, like the regular Police Force, are all overseen by the Inspector General of Police. As we progress, we will go over the procedures and requirements for becoming a Supernumerary Police Officer in Nigeria today.

Section 46 of the Police Act CAP 359 of 1968, as amended by Section 418 of the Police Act CAP 359 of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990 legislation, formed the Supernumerary Police in Nigeria today. This act states that “any individual (counting any administration division) that wants to benefit himself/herself of the Spy Police in Nigeria of one or more official police of this nature, for the security of property claimed or constrained by him/her, may apply to the Inspector-General of Police of the Federation or State Commissioner of Police, expressing the nature and circumstance of the company being referred to and giving such other investment as the Inspector-General may specify”.

Qualification Requirements To Join Spy Police

Specific requirements must be accomplished in order to be qualified to join the Nigerian Supernumerary Police. Among these specific conditions are the following:

  • You must be a Nigerian national.
  • You must be a respectable citizen with no criminal background.
  • You must meet the minimal academic qualification, which is often a secondary school diploma.
  • You must meet the age limit, which is normally between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • You must be 1.67 meters tall as a man or 1.64 meters tall as a woman.
  • You must not have any tattoos on your body.
  • You must be able to drive, but this is not required.
  • You must be prepared to reside in Lagos for the duration of your course.
  • You must be very good at speaking English.

How To Become A Spy Policeman In Nigeria

The following are the step-by-step procedures for joining Nigeria’s Supernumerary (Spy) Police in 2023:

1. Obtain The Spy Police Application Form

The application form for Supernumerary (Spy) Police recruiting in Nigeria is accessible at the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos (not to be confused with the Police Training College, PTC). Check that the form is complete and that all required papers are attached in the correct order.

2. Participate In Physical And Medical Examinations

After submitting your application, you will be required to undergo a physical and medical assessment. This phase assesses your overall health as well as your level of physical fitness. Make sure to exercise on a regular basis and obtain a medical report from a reputable hospital certifying your fitness. Please do not falsify a medical report; it will not help you.

3. Provide All Required Documents

You must provide the relevant papers to the Police Training School in Ikeja for verification after successfully registering your interest in joining the Nigerian Supernumerary (Spy) Police. These papers include the following:

  • Two copies of your company letter headed paper
  • Photocopy of the CAC document of your company
  • 10 passport photographs for proper documentation
  • Your academic credentials including your NYSC certificate
  • A valid means of identification which may include National ID card, International Passport, Voter’s Card, or Driving Licence
  • The required fee for registration (very important).

4. Get Your Training Kit

After payment has been paid and verification has been completed, you can pick up your training kit. The training equipment includes a white police polo, shorts, and one pair of white tennis shoes with white socks. As previously stated, there is an application fee that is imposed by the Police Training School for the curriculum and training. You should bear in mind that as you progress through the program, there will be more charges. So, before applying, plan to spend money as you go.

5. Training

After successfully applying to become a Supernumerary Police Officer in Nigeria, you will be subjected to rigorous training at the Police Training School. After finishing this course, you will have the skills and information needed to complete your job efficiently. Trainings are generally held on weekends to accommodate persons who work during the week.

6. Approval As A Spy Police Officer

After successfully completing the program, you will be notified of your appointment as a Supernumerary (Spy) Police officer in Nigeria. A passing out parade is normally held for this, after which your rank in the Nigerian Police Force is confirmed. You will be tasked with assisting normal police officers with a variety of law enforcement activities, including community policing and crime prevention, and you will be assigned to an Area command.

Final Thoughts

Being a Supernumerary Police Officer in Nigeria is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the security of your community and the country as a whole. Although the application process is not easy, if you are devoted, prepared, and determined, you can join the Spy Police. Keep up with the most recent recruitment announcements and follow the Nigeria Police Force’s rules and regulations to get started on this exciting adventure. Best wishes as you prepare to protect and serve your country through this channel.

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