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Are you a Prospective Corps Members (PCMs)? Do you want to serve in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program? If ‘yes’, then you need to check if your name is on the NYSC mobilization list. Here we will provide guidline on how to verify/check your name on the NYSC senate list 2022 for all institutions in Nigeria. Keep reading as we take you through the process.

National youth service Corps - NYSCWhat is a Senate list?

The NYSC senate list is another name for mobilization list. This is a list of graduates approved by the Senate of Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) to take part in the one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps Program. Anyone whose name is not found on the senate list will not be eligible to register for NYSC program.

Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) should ensure that their names are on the Senate academic list of their various institution for NYSC mobilization.

Note: the NYSC mobilization list or Senate list is only meant for Nigerian trained graduates. Those who studied outside Nigeria do not need to check their names on the Senate list. Also check: NYSC registration requirements for foreign students.

NYSC does not decide whose name will be on the Senate list, rather your institution is responsible for the senate list, while NYSC displays submitted names on their portal for viewing. So, your institution prepare and send the Senate list to NYSC for upload. You can also check out list of documents needed at cyber cafe for NYSC registration.

What you must do for your name to be added on the NYSC mobilization list

  • Ensure you complete your final clearance with your institution,
  • Sign up for NYSC at the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school,
  • Confirm your name on senate list before your institution send it to NYSC,
  • Make sure your name is on the JAMB matriculation list.
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If you follow the four(4) steps above, your name would be added on the NYSC Senate list for the upcoming NYSC Batch.

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How to verify your name on NYSC senate list for 2022 Batches

Follow the steps below to check your name on the NYSC Senate list for all institutions;

  1. Visit portal.nysc.org.ng,
  2. Scroll down to locate “Check Senate List or its equivalents”, and click on the link,
  3. Select your Institution,
  4. Enter your Matriculation number
  5. Enter your Surname
  6. Select your Date of Birth (Day, month, and year). If date of birth box is not clicking, leave it that way.
  7. Click on “Search” button to view your Senate list status.
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If the page displays “No record found“, then see reason your name not on Senate list and how to sort to it out. Please note it is also important to verify your name on NYSC graduation list.

Alternative method to Check your name on NYSC mobilization List

Below is alternative way you can check your name on the National Youth Service Corps senate list.

  1. CIick on https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc/verifysenatelists.aspx,

  2. Select your Institution,

  3. Enter your Matriculation Number,

  4. Enter your Surname,

  5. Select your Date of Birth,

  6. Click on “Search” button,

If the page displays your details that means your name is on the Senate List. But you need to pay attention to the “Status column” by the right hand side to know whether you are eligible to register for NYSC or have problem relating to different of names, JAMB reg No, etc.

NYSC website to check senate list

The NYSC site to check senate list is portal.nysc.org.ng, You can also register for NYSC program through this portal.

Have question? Kindly go to the comment section below.

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  1. Wonderful. U guys really are the best. Keep on the good work. (updates)

  2. Edeh Anastesia Chiebonam

    How do I register upon finding out that my record has been uploaded. Please let me updated

  3. Adisa Akanni Muritala

    Good evening sir and ma,am Adisa Akanni Muritala, from kwara state.i have problem and I want you sir to help me,I give my matric number for cafe to register for me but he make a mistakely enter another people matric,my own matric is 15144,why he enter 15114.pls help me out.thanks

    1. Adisa Akanni Muritala

      Thanks sir.

  4. Please after releasing the Senate list and I did not want to go with that batch,can I go with another batch?

  5. Omolade olawale David

    Pls I graduated in the year 2017 but I have carry over which I just re write in 2019 but covid 19 did not allow is to go for service last year. Pls can I still go for my nysc… Thanks

  6. Pls when will nysc open her portal for mobilisation?
    Pls is urgent!

  7. I clicked on the portal to check if my name appeared in the Senate list but it could not be accessed

  8. The name on jamb matriculation list and the name I’m using in school are the same but the arrangement is different, hope during nysc registration the portal wont tell me invalid jamb number.
    I graduated this month and by February I should be going for nysc.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Best regards.

  9. The name on jamb matriculation list and the name I’m using in school are the same but the arrangement is different, hope during nysc registration the portal wont tell me invalid jamb number.
    I graduated this month and by February I should be going for nysc.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  10. I was having a problem with fingeprint and i can’t longerlocate my name at the senate list

    1. The email I m using for my jamb profile is not opening what could be the problem

  11. Mukhtar umar Muhammad

    Contacts you school

  12. Please my name is on the Senate list and graduation list, but my regulations wasn’t effected 1987 instead of 1992, please how do I go about

  13. My name was misplet on my jamb portal and av obtain correction of data form since a month ago. But anytime I checked my name on the Senate list still you can’t register what will I do?

      1. Humphrey God bless you for the good work.I lodged in and all it said was your application was successful how do I know if I got picked??

  14. Please, my name was mispelt as Ogunwumiyu instead of ogunwumiju. Even in my jamb admission letter, But I have filed for affidavit of correction of name. Will it affect me during nysc?

    1. It won’t affect you, you can also apply for correction during or after NYSC online registration

  15. In the stream 11 is it a new name or still that stream 1 name?

  16. My name came as akinyomi instead of akinyomi in Senate list, and av printed my green card yet to get call up letter

    1. No,problem you can rectified the problem when you get to camp.

      1. Pls my name in jamb admission letter is Joseph patience O.
        But in school am only using Joseph patience. Pls hope I won’t be affected in any way. Hope I will be able to register for nysc

  17. Prince Adeola Ismaila

    Pls I did my Regulization 2010 whit my date of birth February 18th 1989 that I was 21years old but I graduate 2019 have print my Admission letter yeaterday to summit to my school pls hope this will not affect my NYSC pls help me out. Thanks

  18. My school said they have send list to Abuja…and it includes my name.till now it still showing no records found

      1. I haven’t received the message from jamb via admission letter since after my regularization process in December

        1. Visit nearest JAMB office

        2. Adisa Akanni Muritala

          Good evening sir and ma,am Adisa Akanni Muritala, from kwara state.i have problem and I want you sir to help me,I give my matric number for cafe to register for me but he make a mistakely enter another people matric,my own matric is 15144,why he enter 15114.pls help me out.thanks

  19. I have done the jamb regularization and printed admission later but I was told by my school student affairs that my name is among those that returned as problem list. It’s say not matriculated. Please what might be the problem

      1. I have and they said the fault is not from them. They checked my jamb profile and everything seems in place. But if I check the senate list my name still shows not matriculated yet. What’s the best way to solve this problem please. NYSC told me it’s not their problem either

        1. Go back to your school they made a mistake in your jamb reg number. The same happened to me but I just found out few days ago and the immediately they corrected it my name came up .

  20. My name is not on the graduation list but it’s on the Senate list but the Senate list states that I can’t register because have not been matriculated of which when I checked the matriculation page my name was there and I was congratulated that have been matriculated.

    1. Pls, my DOB is 2/1/1900,and my graduation year is 29/1/2020,am I eligible for nysc

  21. My name is in the senate list and telling me I can register now but when I try it’s showing me am in stream 2 that my school might not have submitted the hard copy when I contacted school they said they have pls what should I do as registration closes today

  22. D date of birth on my jamb slip is different from d one am using now pls hope it will not affect me

  23. I graduated 2018 my name appeared in the error list. On the senate list it showed that my Jamb registration number is invalid, have done Jamb regularization but uptill now is still showing the same thing.

  24. Please sir,i have not collected my original National diploma certificate but i have collected the statement….will they register me with the statement

  25. Pls help me out,after registration it show exemption,if i edit my date of birth will it work bcos am 30 this year

  26. Pls I am Tru wit registration but no state of deployment available wot can be d cause?

  27. Gud evening,Plz how long those it take to retify someone that link up is weac date of birth with nysc registration,

  28. What’s the implication of not registering on nysc portal for batch A before registration is closed even though one’s name is already on the senate list.

    1. No implication except that you will not serve with Batch A. But you can register with Batch B or any other Batch as long as your name is still on the Senate list.

  29. Please how can I know if my green card is available for printing.

  30. Pls this is wat they write to me on my status ,sorry the specified has been previously entered.you can not register contact ur institution used by none.pls wat should I do

    1. Please have u been able to solve the problem?
      Coz am having same issues right now

  31. My name came out in November last year but I didn’t register.

    Now cAN I just Proceed and register or they is something else I will have to do?

  32. Pls my name came out for nysc but in error list,I went to student affairs but was told they can’t do anything about it till June. Pls is there anything I can do because by june I will be 31yrs. Am so confused right now pls advice me.thanks.

    1. There is nothing you can do. But being 31 won’t stop you from serving provided that you graduated before 30.

      1. Fabode Olatunbosun Ojo

        I want to check my name in Senate list

  33. Can I present the medical certificate fitness issued in school in the camp? The school mandate every students to do it in d school.

    1. Please I am married, so while uploading my documents the cafe guy mistakenly uploaded some of my documents twice leaving some of them behind. All efforts to edit it proof abortive. Please what can I do to this

      1. Leave it the way it is. If NYSC post you where your husband is not living, then you can apply with redeployment.

  34. My date of birth is 2- 2-1990 and i graduated in Dec.2019 that is means I become 30 second Feb. 2020 should i go to camp

  35. Eboda Matthew Akinade

    Am Eboda Matthew Akinade, i grauduated 2017 from templegate poly aba abia state, from business administration and management.my department was not accredited during my set, so my school affidiate my department to another institution called heritage poly ekot ekpene akwa ibom state, where we were issued result and certificate carrying heritage name on it and ever since them each time i check my name on the senate list it use to show me record not found. Please what can i do.

  36. Please I want check my name

  37. Pls should I fill in the space my matric number as this 1302544 or is there a format to put it? Pls reply asap

    1. Find your school format and use it

  38. My school have released Senate list and I have issues on state of origin please, what should I do to change it

  39. Alade Cornelius Abayomi

    Is ND certificate compulsory for HND graduate at camp for entry clearance or it depend on orientation camp, thanks.

    1. You need your ND, it is compulsory

      1. The original or the statement of result?

  40. Rufus giwa polytechnic is among the list of school they pasted that they have submitted their senate list, but I was unable to check.It brings out No record found.

    1. Your school is yet to submit hard copy

  41. Mr Humphrey please, are their still schools that are yet to release names???

  42. Also my friend his name is in graduate list since batch C and the institution his admission jamp give computer science and our change it to geography up to now he study geography and he graduate but up to now his jamp admission later is computer science what he’s going to do now he done finish his NYSC registration

  43. Pls, my name is out on the Senate list but it’s not correct.they wrote Ayobami instead of Ayomide, plz what can I do

    1. You can apply for correction during or after online registration through your dashboard

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