How To Get A Perfect Bank Statement For Visa Application In Nigeria

Getting a perfect bank statement for visa application in Nigeria requires that you understand what the embassy lookout for when revising the provided bank statement. A bank statement is one of the important documents which you must provide when applying for a visa.

The bank statement is a document that shows the financial transactions that took place within a specific period. It includes inflows and outflows of money within the account.

If you planning to travel out of Nigerian for study in any university around the world, or you want to travel for holiday or tourism, you will be required to provide your bank statement to show proof that you will fund your study or your stay.

This article will show you how to get a perfect bank statement that will increase your chances of getting your visa approved ahead of your travel time.

How do embassies/consulates verify a bank statement of account?

This question has been asked consistently, because many people want to know the process by which the statement of account is verified by the embassies. And here is how: during the process of visa application, the embassy will scan the statement of account submitted, attach it to an email and then ask the concerned bank to confirm the transactions on the attached statement of account. That is how it is simply done.

How to get a perfect bank statement for Visa application in Nigeria

While having a huge amount of money in your account shows that you can foot your bills when you get to a foreign country, you must provide a genuine proof of the source of income, or the embassy will decline your visa request. Here are the tips you should know:

1. Submit a bank account with a consistent flow of income

A bank statement with a consistent flow of income has a high chance for the embassy to approve the visa. When the flow of income to an account is constant, it shows that the account is active. You should submit a salary or corporate account as that will give the embassy the credence that you have something important doing and, as such, you wouldn’t live illegally in the foreign country.

2. Run your account efficiently

It is important to know that the purpose of submitting a bank statement is to convince the embassy you are financially capable to travel to a foreign country. You will do yourself a lot of good by avoiding conflicting transactions on the account. Ensure that the source of your income is verifiable and legal to avoid visa denial.

3. Present original bank statement

Because of the important role that bank statement plays in your visa application process, you must avoid submitting a false bank statement to the embassy. Submission of a fake statement could get you a ban of 2-5 years based on your country.

4. Using a sponsor’s account

This is very possible. However, you have to provide concrete proof that you are indeed related to the owner of the account by providing supporting documents such as employment letter for companies, marriage certificate for spouses, etc.

Source: Nyscinfo

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