How To Get Convenant University Transcript

As a result of the questions often raised by students regarding how to obtain Convenant University Transcript, here is all you need to do in order to have a successful processing of your transcript from the Institution. Also check out how to get UNIZIK transcript (Step-by-step).

What Convenant University transcript all about?

Convenant University transcript is a summary documentation of Student’s permanent academic records, which includes courses and grades for each semester taken by the Student, along with the Student’s Degree award and other extracurriculum activities.

How to request for Convenant University transcript

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your Matriculation number to login.

  3. Choose a document type.

  4. Generate a transaction ID to be used on quickteller for payment.

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How much does a convent university transcript cost?

The cost of application for convenant university transcript is N5,000, but the cost of courier varies from state to state and country to country, listed as follows:

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  • Cost for digital transcript is N13,000.
  • The cost for courier within Convenant University premises – N10,000.
  • North / East / Middle Belt / South south – 20,000.
  • Lagos State – 14,000.
  • Ogun State – N15,800.
  • West Africa – N32,500.
  • Courier for South Africa/Eastern Africa – N36,050.
  • UK, Wales, Scotland – N27,550
  • Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, France, Hungary, Lithuania – N33,200.
  • Norway, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Spain, Turkey, Singapore, Germany –  N36,000.
  • USA, Canada – N30,150.
  • Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba -N57,700.
  • Dubai, UAE, Oman – N35,700
  • Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Hong-Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India – N41,900.
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To view costs from the Convenant University portal, go to

Note: the only courier recognized by Convent University is the universal parcel service (UPS), which is made online. Anything more than this is at the owner’s risk. Also ensure that you fill in all the necessary information before submitting.

Convenant University Transcript requirements

The necessary requirements for registration are:

  • Matric number
  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Statement of result/certificate issued by the University.

How long does it take for the university to send transcript?

Generating and dispatching students’ transcripts to various locations takes two (2) weeks or a month. However, if you need it urgently, please contact the convenant university’s academic affairs directly.

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