How To Get Transcripts From Nigerian Universities

Have you been looking for how to get transcripts from Nigerian University? Maybe you are in Nigeria, outside Nigeria, studying abroad or intend to study abroad; and your chosen Institution is asking for your educational transcripts. In this post, I will show you how to get transcripts from Nigerian Universities.

There is no doubt that getting transcripts from most of the Nigeria Universities can be stressful, adding to the cost, logistics and structural bureaucracy that exist in the Nigerian educational system.

However, there are two possible ways you can process, transfer or obtain your academic transcripts from any Nigerian University; it can either be done Manually or Electronically.

If you are in Nigeria, I advise you to go for it manually. Go to the Institution of graduation, locate the ‘Exams and Record’ unit, and ask them how you can go about transferring your educational transcript to the recipient institution outside Nigeria.

But if you are already living abroad, there is no way to go about it manually except if you are willing to come back to Nigeria or by sending a relative/friend to get it on your behalf but most Institutions in Nigeria prohibit sending somebody, so it may or may not work that way.

Note: Your school may not transfer your transcript to you, it is usually be transferred between Institutions; you’ll have to give your Institution the recipient Institution, and they will forward it to them by your order, so don’t expect to get a personal copy. Anyway, you may ask the person in charge if there is a way you can get your own copy. Having known all that, let’s look at how transcripts can be obtained electronically.

How To get Transcripts From Nigerian Universities Electronically

Many Nigerian Universities offere electronic transcripts transfer. For Example, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) offers e-transcript request service by which the Institution can transfer their graduates transcripts regardless of their geographical locations.

You can check your Institution’s website to see if they offer e-transcripts transfer service.

Another way electronically is to send an e-mail to your Institution requesting for steps to follow in transferring your transcript to the desired destinations. I am sure they will give you a response. If you are going by sending e-mail, make sure that you include the following:

  • Name
  • Course of Study
  • Matriculation
  • Year of graduation

What Nigerians are saying on how to get Transcripts From Nigerian Universities

Now, let me show you what some Nigerians are saying on social media concerning getting transcripts from their schools.

For University Of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN)

Go to UNN exams and record and sort it out. Mine took two days. But make you go with cash to tip those hungry people.

For University of Uyo

You can apply through their website directly or in person. In both cases, you pay for the transcript and the mailing (about N10,000).

For Delta State University

You process your transcript through the exams and records office. After paying a token at the bank, you convert the teller to receipt and use the receipt to apply for the transcript. You can pay for swift delivery as well. You’ll get it in less than a week, all things equal.

For University of Port harcut (Uniport):

Transcript payment receipt, photocopies of convocation gown receipt – application letter, generated by the school – document from requesting body – and several other irrelevant documents, just to make u pay twice if u probably u’ve misplaced a receipt.

For University of Lagos (Unilag)

You apply on the school website, pay through Remita. But the charges varies based on the continent (international schools). You will be notified through your email.

Transcript is not a problem bro. Go to your school and pay the required amount into your school account and your transcript will be wired to its destination. You can even get the hard copy yourself. ‘Na naija we dey’. I did it for a friend. Just paid the normal N5,000 into the school account and blessed the man in charge with small amount and fiaaaa!! The transcript was in my palms.

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