How To Reclaim Your Ticket Fee For Delayed or Cancelled Flights

When a flight is delayed or canceled, one of the typical reactions in Nigeria is to return home and go on with daily activities while possibly telling a few people about our experience. In essence, we have a tendency to move on, filing the experience away as something to share with our children and grandchildren in the future. Even though it shouldn’t be, Nigerians generally do this. Whether or if there are regulations that aid with these problems, we are a people that are genetically designed to smile and overcome every obstacle.

Did you know that if your flight is unreasonably delayed for more than three hours or if you are forcibly removed off the aircraft, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the airline?

I guess not if you’re like the next person in the room. Notwithstanding local and international regulations that guarantee passengers compensation when an airline is to blame for denied boarding, delayed, or cancelled flights, statistics show that less than 0.02% of air travelers in Nigeria are aware of their rights to compensation for flight delays. To put it another way, more than 99.98% of Nigerians who fly don’t even realize they have rights. What’s more remarkable is that despite the fact that these rights to compensation for flight delays, also known as Air Passenger Rights, have existed for a long, they are still largely unknown.

These regional and global laws change based on entering and exiting ports, as well as airline companies. They consist of:

  • European Union Legislation 261/2004 (EC 261/2004)
  • United States Aviation Laws
  • Nigeria’s NCAR Part 19
  • The Montreal Convention

I certainly wouldn’t judge you if you claim that you are unaware of these rights because no businesses are aggressively promoting them. Although these rights have existed up until recently, this area of the aviation industry has been lacking.

This service is provided in Europe by businesses including Skycop, AirHelp, and Refund Me. Only one business in Africa accepts this responsibility: Africlaim, a Nigerian claims handling business established in 2018. By handling the legal processes and managing the claims process within a time frame of a little more than a month, these claims management businesses assist air passengers in making the most of such negative situations. Customers can check their eligibility to make claims using an innovative, user-friendly digital platform and receive education at the same time.

With the arrival of COVD-19, programs like the Africlaim COVID-19 Flight Disruption Help Initiative, the EU Commission Interpretative Guideline, and the Voucher and Refunds Initiatives by IATA were introduced. These programs aim to inform air travelers about their legal rights and provide any assistance that may be required due to the pandemic’s effects.

The next time your flight is delayed or you are unwillingly bumped, grin because this time, someone has your back. If you’re still wondering, the alternate response is to yell at the attendants, cause a scene, threaten legal action against the airport, and still accomplish nothing.

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