Video Of Kizz Daniel Arrested In Tanzania

Video of Kizz Daniel Arrested In Tanzania : A Nigerian singer and songwriter, Oluwatobiloba Daniel, also known as Kizz Daniel, has been reportedly arrested by the Tanzanian police after failing to show up for a paid concert.

Kizz Daniel
Kizz Daniel

A viral video shows his fans who had gathered at the venue of his advertised show in Tanzania leaving in anger, and trashed the place after Kizz Daniel failed did not show up.

According to information available to us, the Buga crooner, Kizz Daniel, was scheduled to perform at the Warehouse, Old Nextdoor Arena in Tanzania, on Sunday night, as part of his Afro Classic World Tour but he did not show up at the venue after much waiting by his fans.

In a fresh trending video, the singer who was wearing a hooded jacket was seen being led into a police van.

Video of Kizz Daniel Arrest in Tanzania

Watch the video below:

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@Makanjuola Emmanuel Sunday:

I don’t understand why he failed to show up at the show, wasn’t he paid or didn’t the organizer sell tickets for the show?
This is purely arrogant and shouldn’t be tolerated at all, no matter who is involved.

@Okechukwu Hod Ngene

Don’t misjudge the action of the police, even though he was arrested.

Most times, it’s for the safety of the person.

Perhaps the police want to save him from the angry mob.

It’s not possible that he will visit the same place he failed to perform after collecting a huge amount.

The angry mob may be angry at the organizers of the show such that if the police fail to act quick by whisking him away, he may be mobbed.

Let’s wait until we get the full gist before making a hasty conclusion.

Media sensationalism at work.

@Kayceejunior Emeka

Makanjuola Emmanuel Sunday the idi.ot said that he forgot his bag at Uganda and won’t perform with borrowed clothes, so all those Italian designers no get shop for Tanzania? Stupid pride,

@Busayo Dada

If he never intended to perform, I’m sure he would not have gone to Tanzania in the first place. Something definitely happened which led to this, though without the full details we won’t know if his actions were justified or not. This is does not look like a criminal matter but a civil one, so the police may be there in the first place to maintain peace. We need not jump to conclusions at this point but to wait and see; my opinion.

@Zilary Agono Zazzi

Well, I don’t know what really went wrong, but if they paid him for the show, he should honor the agreement.

@Binbol Wilson

Tanzania is not Nigeria where you can renege on contract without going through consequences of your action. May we have a country with an efficient and effective working system.


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